Press Release: Small Business Administration Approves The Building People and Redhorse Mentor-Protégé Agreement and the Formation of Northbound Solutions Joint Venture


May 11, 2017

Small Business Administration Approves The Building People and Redhorse Mentor-Protégé Agreement and the Formation of Northbound Solutions Joint Venture

The Building People AND Redhorse Corporation (Redhorse) are pleased to announce the establishment of a Small Business Administration (SBA) Mentor-Protégé Agreement and the formation of Northbound Solutions as a joint venture to provide technical, management, and business consulting services to the Federal government. The Building People is a dynamic and growing 8(a) Program Participant and HUBZone business that provides specialized advisory and professional support services that focus on the fundamental pillars of technology, assets, and people to deliver seamless processes that empower clients to improve mission execution, critical programs, and business performance goals. They are internationally recognized as experts in infrastructure management, real estate, technology integration, high performance operations, project management, and workforce strategies. Redhorse is a technology and management consulting company that provides program management, technical, analytical, acquisition, and financial services to develop solutions for many of the most important issues of our time – national security, mission-critical infrastructure, energy and the environment, and information management. Together we bring new ideas and the best combination of people, processes, and technology to help customers work smarter and better to deliver immediate results, while positioning for the challenges of the future.

The Building People and Redhorse have partnered since 2014 to deliver a successful portfolio of projects including work under eight separate contracts with the General Services Administration, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Government Accountability Office, and Department of Health and Human Services. Our business philosophies and core values align, while our complimentary technical skills form a beneficial partnership that will be enhanced under the SBA Mentor-Protégé program.

Northbound SolutionsNorthbound Solutions is an unpopulated Joint Venture that combines the strengths, innovation, and socio-economic status of The Building People with the size, strength, experience, and expertise of Redhorse to form a genuine partnership. Our experiences working as a team will enable us to deliver high quality solutions and value to our Federal customers. Our strategy targets complex problems to drive innovation and deliver valuable services and expertise to Federal customers. The JV structure provides strength for Federal customers to access the specialized personnel, tools, and processes of both The Building People and Redhorse, providing a flexible and cost effective solution to enable Federal customers to meet their small business and HUBZone goals while reducing risk and ensuring quality support.

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The Building People Welcomes Ayanna Fletcher as Technology Project Manager

Ayanna FletcherThe Building People is pleased to announce Ayanna Fletcher has joined us as a distinguished Technology Project Manager. Ayanna is a technology expert with over ten years of experience implementing new technologies across various public and private sector enterprises.

Ayanna joins our team following a decade at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Office of the PBS Chief Information Officer (GSA PBS CIO) where she managed business case development, feasibility studies, resource requirements, cost estimating, communication planning, and technology initiatives to deliver value across GSA’s IT infrastructure.

Embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Ayanna aligns business goals with technology solutions to drive process improvements and return on investment. While at GSA she achieved over $800k in cost avoidance utilizing these methodologies.

Throughout her tenure with GSA, Ayanna built a reputation for developing business strategies, incubating new business models, and building a competitive advantage to foster loyalty and collaborative problem solving that delivers the best value in real estate, acquisition, and technology services to the government and the American people.

Ayanna is currently finishing a degree in Communications from University of Phoenix and adds more than 15 years of expertise in project management and technology development to The Building People Team. Please join us in welcoming her to our enterprise.


RICS: US needs comprehensive infrastructure management strategy

chicago1The Building People are proud to announce the release of our joint research effort with RICS at this year’s Summit of the Americas in Chicago. This collaborative report titled Infrastructure Management: Current Practices and Future Trends, examines some of the most pressing issues facing private and public sector infrastructure professionals that work to develop and maintain these assets that support our economic and social well being.

RICS Press Release: US needs comprehensive infrastructure management strategy

As President Donald Trump plans to unveil his infrastructure proposal, perhaps as soon as next month, a new RICS research report sets out how policymakers and the private sector can work in tandem to address the long term infrastructure demands that ensure public works investments realize financial and social benefits.


Join CEO Lawrence Melton at IFMA Facility Fusion 2017


The Building People’s Lawrence Melton will be joined by executive leaders across the industry in Las Vegas tomorrow at the IFMA Facility Fusion Conference to discuss why the IFMA and RICS partnership is so important for professionals seeking career advancement in real estate and facilities management.

RICS IFMAWhat the Heck is a Chartered Surveyor, and Why Should You Care?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Venue: Caesars Palace
Room: Forum 14

About: “This panel will explore the RICS/IFMA affiliation and its implications for REAL members. Since the REAL community sits right on the “boundary” between IFMA and RICS, the emerging relationship between the two Associations offers broad employment opportunities and increased professional development choices. What credentials does RICS offer its members? How do those certifications compare with IFMA’s? How would membership in RICS benefit REAL members? This panel, comprised of both IFMA and RICS members, will exchange information and perspectives about the two organizations and offer advice to REAL members who are exploring career opportunities and professional development choices. We will compare and contrast the credential programs in the two associations, hear personal stories from experienced professionals, and engage in a spirited discussion about the opportunities and challenges presented by the affiliation.”


James Ware Ph.D., Executive Director, The Future of Work…unlimited
Ken Burkhalter CFM, Deputy Director of Facilities Services, RAND Corporation
Diane Coles-Levine MCR, President, Workplace Management Solutions
Maureen Ehrenberg FRICS, CRE, President, Global Integrated Facility Management International Director, JLL
Lawrence Melton, Chief Executive Officer, The Building People, LLC



March 28, 2017

Press Release March 28, 2017: The Building People, LLC Awarded Contract to Support USACE-Humphrey Engineer Center Support Activity

Leesburg, VA, October 28, 2017 – The Building people, along with six other firms, has been awarded an $8 M firm-fixed- price MATOC with a total ceiling price of $40M over a contract duration of a base and 4 option years to support the United State Army Corp of Engineers Humphrey Engineer Center. This contract award will provide technical engineering analyses, studies, and assessments for improvements to technical policies, processes, systems (management, IT, etc.), tools, techniques, personnel, roles, and organizations that are part or related to the USACE and other Department of Defense (DoD) agencies. The Building People’s CEO, Lawrence Melton commented saying, “Our team is thrilled to continue our work with USACE, maximize our infrastructure, technology, engineering, and facility operations expertise in support of USACE-HECSA…we are proud to support such an incredible agency and their critical mission.” USACE-HECSA is responsible for providing day-to-day installation management and support services to the Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other Corps activities located in the National Capital Region.

HECSA’s MissionUnited_States_Army_Corps_of_Engineers_logo: The Humphreys Engineer Center Support Activity (HECSA) is a Field Operating Activity of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers providing administrative and operational support to HQUSACE and other Corps activities in the National Capital Region. HECSA also manages the Humphreys Engineer Center (HEC) and provides administrative support to various Corps and non-Corps tenants. Additionally, HECSA has responsibility for Corps-wide missions including the administration of USACE Intellectual Property Program and FOIA Program, management of the USACE Publications Warehouse and safety oversight of the Army’s three decommissioned nuclear power facilities.

building people white (2)The Building People is a corporate real estate and facilities management organization that prides itself on more than 20 years of executive leadership experience operating, maintaining, and providing service and space solutions for building owners and their customers. Their leadership team includes nationally recognized professionals in the real estate management, facilities, engineering, and technology sectors. Their mission is to maximize the workplace experience and reduce costs without sacrificing quality and reliability. They achieve this by empowering building owners and operators to propagate new norms and tenant behaviors toward organizational efficiency, energy sustainability, and savings opportunities.


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The Building People Welcomes Trevor Morrison as Director of Energy and Sustainability

Trevor Headshot-v2The Building People Welcomes Trevor Morrison as Director of Energy and Sustainability. Trevor is a passionate expert in energy efficiency and sustainability with extensive experience working with building owners and managers to help them deliver efficient asset operations and financial returns on energy investments. He will lead The Building People’s full value chain in energy use and cost reduction from initial assessment through implementation and commissioning.

Prior to The Building People, Trevor spent over a decade building and managing portfolios for the sustainable construction and consulting firms Reinforced Daylight and Solar and Reinforced Energy. During this period he directed a consultant team and front-line mechanics to identify and implement energy conservation measures across a diverse portfolio of public and private sector clients. As a leader in energy program management, Trevor prioritizes financial returns on efficiency projects with a streamlined approach that identifies issues, incentives, life-cycle costs, and sustainability based on best practice and client goals. Recently, Trevor contributed this expertise in energy modeling an iterative design review for Harborplace in Baltimore, where he helped to deliver $6.5 million in energy savings. Additionally, he developed several sub-specialties in solar thermal design and installation, envelope retrofit, and day-lighting design and installation for clients like the Architect of the Capitol, the State of Maryland, the District of Columbia, the University of Maryland, Montgomery County School System, Nieman Marcus, and J.Crew.

Trevor holds a bachelor’s in communications from Boston University and an M.B.A from Georgetown University. Additionally, he is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Project Management Professional (PMP), and LEED AP O+M, and a member of the Association of Energy Engineers.

The Building People – B3 Benchmarking Update

building people Transparent For Black

In this Update:

  1. Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) scores
  2. Improvements to Improvements tab
  3. EnergyCAP integration
  4. Additional new feature highlights
    • Building level metrics and navigation
    • Renewable meter types
    • Import wizard updates
    • Site decommissioning
    • Fiscal year reporting and exporting
  5. Optimize your B3 experience

Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) scores

Scores are now available for wastewater treatment plants. They are based on ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager’s (ESPM) formula. Not only will scores be available for plants designed above 0.6 MGD but also for WWTPs designed smaller than 0.6 MGD. To support these calculations, a new Flow Meter type has been added. This meter type is only available to sites designated as WWTPs.

Improvements to the Improvements tab

The Improvements tab is being enhanced to assist in taking the next step of determining and implementing improvements. Additional features will assist with prioritizing improvements, making it easier to take action, as well as complementing existing programs in the State. New tools will assist with planning and budgeting which buildings are best suited for action via audits, retro-commissioning or other improvements. It will assist owners in finding rebates, incentives and programs to help fund improvements. The Improvements tab will continue to track savings targets and be a repository for energy/water related documents.

EnergyCAP Integration

In partnership with EnergyCAP, we have developed a custom import to facilitate the transfer of data from EnergyCAP into B3 Benchmarking. The account and meter numbers in both systems need to match identically. Export your data out of EnergyCAP using their standard BL23A export then import it into Benchmarking via the Import Wizard. No need to copy the data into Benchmarking’s standard import format. Note this transfer does not include peak demand data.

Other New Feature Highlights

In addition to the great improvements and enhancements listed above, we’ve also recently added the following to B3 Benchmarking:

  • Building level metrics are now available on the benchmark, baseline and reports tabs for buildings with meters that serve multiple buildings. Warnings are displayed for any meters not connected to a building with the option of an override flag. Building navigation has been updated to streamline drilling down to building level metrics. To open the building editor, you can either click on the building name in the banner header or the dropdown arrow on the far right of a multi-building list.
  • Three renewable meter types now available: PV and wind have been separated, and thermal has been added.
  • Import wizard for meter readings now supports updates to existing readings in addition to new readings. For example, this will be helpful if you want to go back and enter demand or cost data for existing historical readings.
  • To streamline site decommissioning, a couple of clicks within the site editor will decommission all buildings and disconnect all meters (energy and water) with that site. A decommissioned building version will be created for each building using the site’s last meter reading date. Each meter will have a disconnection date equal to its last meter reading date. If necessary, decommissioned and disconnection dates can be edited in the building and meter editors, respectively.
  • Reports now provide fiscal year reporting for the many organizations that do not operate on the calendar year. The consumption summary table will align with the report options duration allowing for non-calendar year metrics. Export to Excel will prompt for a period when selecting Annual Consumption exports.

Optimize Your B3 Experience

This section provides hints, tips, and tricks of the trade to make the most of your B3 Benchmarking data. This issue looks at how the Pareto Principle (80-20 rule) applies to potential savings. By the numbers, it means that 80 percent of your outcomes come from 20 percent of your inputs. For those who manage large portfolios of buildings, such as colleges and universities, state and local governments or REITs, finding the 80/20 ratio is crucial to maximizing building energy performance. Focus on the 20% of buildings that have the greatest potential to save energy. Facility managers could spend time working on those problem buildings that can be improved significantly through recommissioning or energy audits and leave the other buildings that are outside the 20% for another day. Through our B3 Benchmarking platform we have consistently found that within a managed portfolio of buildings 70 to 80% of the savings can be found in only 20 to 30% of buildings. The full article identifying how to apply the Pareto Principle to maximize building energy performance will be posted in the next issue.

The Building People Welcomes Jeanie Wine as our Human Resources Manager

JeanieThe Building People are excited to introduce Jeanie Wine as our new Human Resources Manager. Jeanie brings over twenty-five years experience as a manager in all aspects of the human resources life-cycle. As the Human Resources Manager, Jeanie uses her expertise to continue The Building People’s focus on the most important resource—our people. Our goal is to ensure we have the best people practices in place and continue to be one of the best places to work.

For the past ten years, Jeanie was the U.S. Chief Human Resources Officer in a global corporate law firm as they grew to over 5,000 people in over forty offices. In her position she managed all facets of human resources to include employee relations, workforce alignment, recruitment, diversity program management, benefits, human resource information systems, performance management, wellness, citizenship, and administrative support. In her previous position, Jeanie was the first Vice President of Resource and Development with Jane’s Information Group, the renowned London-based open source information company, where she had local office responsibility to include human resources, facilities and operations management, as well serving on the Board.

Jeanie’s consistent collaborative approach and ability to anticipate needs with a hands-on approach make her a key team member in payroll transitions, outsourcing facilities management, human resource information systems automation and office transitions to keep up with the ever changing environment.

Jeanie has a B.S. degree in Management and Human Resources from Park University, and is designated as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) and Society of Human Resources Management, Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

RICS PRESS RELEASE: RICS Names Lawrence Melton, CEO and President of The Building People as FM Sector Chair, ex officio


For immediate release November 14, 2016
Alan F. Cohen
Corporate Affairs Associate, Communications
t: +1-202 602-1450  m: 646 847-5706
RICS names new members to its Americas board

New York – RICS in the Americas, the New York-based regional branch of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the largest global organization for professionals in real estate, construction, valuation and related industries, is pleased to announce the appointment of four new members to the RICS in the Americas Board.

“The diversity, professional experience, past leadership roles and integrity of the Board ensures that RICS addresses the needs of the multi-disciplinary property professions in the Americas region and continues to promote high standards of professionalism for the public good,” according to Peter Smith FRICS, RICS in the Americas Chair & Governing Council Representative.

The newly appointed Board members are:

  • Lawrence Melton FRICS (FM Sector Chair, ex officio) – CEO and President, The Building People, Leesburg, Va. Mr. Melton established The Building People in 2012 and found early success in its global reach to drive greater efficiency, investment, and performance for its clients. Prior to that, Mr. Melton had more than 25 years of federal executive experience, most recently as Assistant Commissioner for Facilities Management for the General Services Administration and earlier as Director of the White House Center, providing facilities, realty, and project management services to the Executive Office of the President. In that role, he was responsible for nearly 2.1 million square feet of some of the most prestigious real estate in Washington, D. C.
  • Roger Flather FRICS, Director – Global Head of Performance and Valuation for the real estate equity platform, BlackRock Realty, New York. Mr. Flather has been with BlackRock since 2006. Prior to that, he worked for AIG Global Real Estate Investment Corp., where he served as Vice President from 1997 to 2006. In that position, Mr. Flather was responsible for the review of global transactions and the valuation of assets under management worldwide. Mr. Flather previously held positions with Met Life Realty Group, Bankers Trust Company, and real estate consulting firm Landauer Associates.
  • Bruce Greenberg FRICS – Managing Director and Country Leader for Duff and Phelps within the Real Estate Advisory Group (Valuation/Consulting Advisory Services), Mexico City. Mr. Greenberg focuses on real estate valuations in Mexico and Central and South America. He has performed more than 20,000 valuation and consulting assignments in 16 countries worldwide, including nearly 1,700 assignments encompassing more than 7,000 properties throughout Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. In the course of that work, he has also built relationships with leading real estate lenders, agencies, developers and government officials throughout the region.
  • Christopher Turner MRICS (US Country Chair, ex officio) — Senior Director, Capital Markets and Investment Sales Group, Colliers International, New York. Originally from the U.K., Mr. Turner has a broad range of transactional and investment management experience. Prior to joining Colliers, Christopher worked for wealth manager London & Capital (U.K.), where he was Asset Manager of a $600m core and core+ portfolio; and before that at DTZ, focusing on Appraisal, Investment, Development and Property Management.

All Board Members are appointed to three-year terms. Their duties include contributing to the ongoing development of RICS in the Americas’ corporate strategy through the provision of regular market intelligence and insight from the perspective of the region; assessing for submission to the Management Board a rolling three-to-five-year business plan for the region in the context of the approved RICS corporate strategy and objectives; and ensuring that all activities undertaken are in line with RICS brand and comply with RICS’ global approach to  the development, creation and use of professional,  standards and guidance, together with  ethical standards and membership entry competences.


RICS promotes and enforces the highest professional qualifications and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, property and construction. Our name promises the consistent delivery of standards – bringing confidence to the markets we serve.

We accredit 118,000 professionals and any individual or firm registered with RICS is subject to our quality assurance. Their expertise covers valuation and management across all asset classes; the costing and leadership of construction projects; the development of infrastructure; and the management of natural resources, such as mining, farms and land. From environmental assessments and building controls to negotiating land rights in an emerging economy; if our members are involved, the same professional standards and ethics apply.

With offices covering the major political and financial centers of the world, our market presence means we are ideally placed to influence policy and embed professional standards. We work at a cross-governmental level, delivering international standards that will support a safe and vibrant marketplace in land, real estate, property and construction, for the benefit of all.

In the Americas, we have staff in New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, Sao Paulo and Barbados.