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At The Building People our goal is to craft a self-sustaining portfolio of assets that achieve the long-term objectives and custom requirements of our clients. These days, there is no shortage of federal mandates and financial pressures placed on both federal agencies and private companies to meet new regulations while also having to reduce costs, without cutting services. However, with over twenty years of experience meeting and exceeding these pressures, our team is uniquely equipped to help your agency or business succeed. Whether your goal is to create a more sustainable environmental footprint, increase energy efficiency, improve facility operations, reduce costs, or create a more functional and inviting workspace, we have a strategy to get you there.

Using consolidated analytics and business process automation we integrate the disparate data generated across your business operations and convert it into meaningful actions that increase operational efficiency throughout your portfolio and business. Our team of experts do not view facilities merely as a place where work gets done; instead, we see it as an entity within your business that connects technology, buildings and people in order to improve every aspect of your operations through our consolidated data analytics and business process automation solutions.

Our portfolio strategy targets reinvestment funds based on our customer’s requirements, market conditions, and asset characteristics. Knowing these business indicators is fundamental to improving the portfolio. We deploy measurements around your operations, maintenance, tenants, space occupancy, energy, water, sustainability, and more to ensure each element is working in concert. However, what is even more important to us is the trust of our clients and their tenants.

We see ourselves as 100% vested partners in our clients’ success. Therefore, we work diligently to understand our customer’s mission, critical organizational needs, and long term trending goals. Furthermore, we understand that our client’s success depends not only on their business objectives but on the satisfaction of their tenant’s and internal customers, which is why we use integrated systems to survey tenant needs while gathering their feedback to help us continually improve your portfolio’s performance and customize it to meet both long term objectives and everyday needs. The Building People will always be there to serve you.