Larry Melton & John Vivadelli Discuss Productivity & Sustainable Space

Agencies and private organizations alike are striving for the ultimate workplace. One that has all the tools and technology to support a successful, productive workforce in less space, and that takes advantage of intelligent building systems to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Larry Melton, CEO of The Building People and former GSA PBS Assistant Commissioner, and AgilQuest CEO John Vivadelli explain how organizations such as the US General Services Administration are successfully meeting those challenges by implementing a new, unified solution called Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings.

CEO Larry Melton to Participate in Panel at Raising the Bar – The Value of Strategic Facilities Management to Business





Come join us at this free event hosted by RICS, Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 at the IMF. Details and free registration can be found at the RICS website.

Join us to hear from industry experts who will review the report findings and lead a discussion on the DC area marketplace and FM best practices.

In 2012 RICS published a research report – Raising the Bar: The value of strategic Facilities Management to Business. The research received favorable media coverage and was featured at events around the world.

In 2013 RICS examined a phase 2 of the original research, which tested some of the findings from the first report. In the Americas we ran a number of roundtables in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington DC and São Paulo. Other roundtables took place in every other world region, where RICS gathered industry leaders and their clients for discussion forums.

In 2014 RICS will launch the final Research Report in North America in Washington, DC.

January 29th 1PM EST, Agilquest Workplace Leaders Free Webinar Series Presented by Larry Melton of The Building People


Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings: Productive People, Sustainable Space

The past year marked a groundbreaking movement for the US General Services Administration’s workplace and workforce.  Addressing the federal agency mandates to support a more mobile workforce and to reduce their carbon footprint, the GSA renovated their 1800F headquarters employing a new solution, Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings.Larry Melton, CEO of The Building People, and former GSA PBS Assistant Commissioner, will join AgilQuest CEO John Vivadelli on Wednesday, January 29 for a live discussion on this Smart Occupancy + Smart Building solution and how it improves people productivity while driving a more sustainable and green infrastructure.Their presentation will explore:

  • The details of the Smart Occupancy + Smart Buildings solution
  • The technology and process improvements which make the difference
  • The big impacts to people and productivity
  • The roadmap used to implement and reach results quickly

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Presented by

Larry Melton
The Building People
President & CEO

Webinar Details
Wednesday, January 29
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST

January 14th, 2014 Federal Real Property Outlook Breakfast at the National Press Club

Come join The Building People CEO Lawrence Melton as he moderates the Federal Real Property Association on January 14, 2014 to kick off a new year! During the January breakfast, we will hear from an exciting Federal Real Property Panel lead by GSA PBS Commissioner Dorothy Robyn and other panelists from GSA to include: Martha Benson, Assistant Commissioner for Portfolio Management, Bart Bush, Assistant Commissioner for Client Solutions,Flavio Peres, Assistant Commissioner for Property Disposal, and Chris Wisner, Assistant Commissioner for Real Estate.

Location: National Press Club, D.C.

Date: Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time: 8:00am -10:30am C

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Fed News Radio Interview with CEO Lawrence Melton: Smart design can make federal offices more productive places to work

(from Fed News Radio 1500AM)

Advances in technology are changing the way federal offices are designed, making old, cavernous, buildings more productive and collaborative places to work. “The average age of federal facilities is over 35-years old or close to it,” said Larry Melton, former GSA executive and current CEO of The Building People. “The first step is you’ve got to measure utilization. You’ve got to figure out where am I using it, what am I not using and assess from there. But, the reality is, if it’s an old building or a new building, you can make an old building smart, even by today’s technology. There’s certainly many, many capabilities out there in the market to make that happen.” (Read the rest here)

Catch Lawrence Melton on Fed News Radio 1500AM Thursday Nov 21 at 7:30am

Listen to The Building People CEO Lawrence Melton on 1500AM Fed News Radio where he will discuss important innovations in building design and construction to support the latest collaborative and mobile workplace environments, smart occupancy, smart buildings, and the connected real estate model.

The interview will air live around 7:30am on Thursday November 21st, but if you miss it don’t worry we will post here shortly so check back.

Join Us at the Smart Occupancy Conference, September 17th, Washington DC


Come join Larry Melton, CEO of The Building People, as he takes the stage with AgilQuest CEO, John Vivadelli to talk Smart Occupancy at this September’s Smart Occupancy Conference in Washington DC, hosted by AgilQuest.

What is Smart Occupancy?

Smart Occupancy is a workplace strategy that maximizes efficiency, productivity and sustainability with processes and technology, to balance freedom and flexibility with measurement and control. This strategy delivers focused, measurable results, is implemented through specific processes, and answers key operational and strategic questions. A well-executed Smart Occupancy strategy delivers results for the organization, for the individual workers in that organization, and for the surrounding community.  Breakout sessions at this year’s AWC will arm organziations with the tools and knowledge to succeed with Smart Occupancy.

A reminder to join us! The Building People, LLC will be moderating a free webinar 7/25 @ 12pm EST!

A reminder to join us! The Building People, LLC will be moderating a free webinar 7/25 @ 12pm EST!

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Establishing & Selling the Vision – Engaging Facilities, IT, Energy & Sustainability

The phrase “Intelligent Building” has come to mean different things to different people. This confusion has slowed adoption of many good ideas. Prior to a technical discussion of a smart building, it is important to be able to first clearly articulate a vision as it relates to energy conservation, sustainability, organizational efficiency, financial performance and occupant satisfaction. This webinar will discuss the importance of establishing a comprehensive vision that is communicated to every stakeholder inside and outside an organization.