Archibus Telecom Asset Management

With the rapid pace of technological change and adoption, it is critical that updates to your network are accurately reflected to facilitate planning, improve inventory control, and enhance network uptime.

With the Archibus Telecom Assets, you can manage the network’s system capacity information, the location of system connections, maintenance histories, upgrades, and much more.

This indispensable solution does everything from simplify troubleshooting to eliminate communication discontinuities during the move/add/change process so you gain more control over your network instead of letting it control you.

Archibus Telecom Asset Management


  • Shorten the planning process by maintaining a well-documented physical network and simplifying troubleshooting tasks
  • Extend the lifecycles of telecommunications and data assets by facilitating reassignment of surplus items
  • Coordinate information and resources among responsible departments to ensure employees get network access quickly
  • Manage telecom inventory from the Web or intranet to facilitate organizational efficiency