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Part 2 of the Building Operating Management Magazine’s Green Building Report

Reassessing Run-to-Failure Mentality Will Help Address Maintenance Backlog

Part 2 of a 4-part Green Building Report.

 By Charles Dilley May 2016

Given the run-to-failure mentality and cuts in the Federal Buildings Fund, it’s no surprise that the federal maintenance backlog is large. According to the Government Accountability Office, the top five property-holding agencies have a maintenance backlog of more than $36 billion.  How can the increase in maintenance OPEX be addressed?

Read the entire article at Building Operating Management Magazine.

NFMT Austin, Texas – IoT and the Workplace: A Case Study

For those at NFMT Austin, TX, come join our CEO Lawrence Melton and a panel of GSA executives at 10AM CST as they investigate the impact of IoT on the workplace.

nfmtaustGSA’s Total Workplace initiative was established to help agencies make the most of their office space, in part via adoption of mobile, collaborative technologies and policies, such as wireless local area networks, cloud computing, virtual private networks, teleworking, and desk sharing and hoteling. The goal: Reduce the amount of real estate agencies need and, in turn, cut their office expenses and carbon footprints. How has the Internet of Things impacted the initiative? Attend this session for best practice examples from two executive change agents within GSA on how this transformation has worked well — and the challenges that lie ahead.

Learning Objectives:
1. Review GSA’s “IT Workplace of the Future” concept
2. Analyze a GSA High-Performance and Workplace case study
3. Discuss key findings from GSA leadership regarding future benefits and challenges to IT adoption and expansion

Start Time: 5/3/2016 10:00:00 AM CST
End Time: 5/3/2016 10:50:00 AM CST

Presented by:Lawrence A. Melton
CEO and President
The Building People

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Room Number: 9A




March 21, 2016


Leesburg, VA, March 21, 2016 The Building People has been certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as an 8(a) Certified Small Business. The Building People’s CEO and founder, Lawrence Melton commented saying, “We’re very excited to have the certification and we recognize the opportunity this gives our firm.  As we’ve expanded our Federal and commercial services over the last two years, we are proud of what we’ve provided our clients and are striving to make a larger impact this year in our drive toward moving our clients to greater efficiency, cost savings, and innovation.8a callout box 1

The Building People offers the following services under the GSA 03FAC schedule:

  • Building Commissioning Services (SIN 871-206)
  • Metering Services (SIN 871-204)
  • Energy Consulting Services (SIN 871-211)
  • Smart Buildings Systems Integrator (SIN 003-01)
  • Complete Facilities Management (811-003)
  • Facilities Maintenance and Management Consulting (811-006)

(NAICS: 236210-Industrial Building Construction,  236220-Commercial and Institutional Building Construction, 531312-Nonresidential Property Managers, 531390-Other Activities Related to Real Estate, 541330- Engineering   Services,   541350-Building   Inspection   Services,  541512- Computer System Design Services, 541513-Computer Facilities   Management Services, 541620-Environmental Consulting Services, 541690-Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services, 561210-Facilities Support Services, 624229-Other Community Housing Services, 926110-Administration of General Economic Programs, 926130-Regulation and Administration of Communications, Electric, Gas, and Other Utilities)

The Building People is a corporate real estate and facilities management organization that prides itself on more than 20 years of executive leadership experience operating, maintaining, and providing service and space solutions for building owners and their customers. Their leadership team includes nationally recognized professionals in the real estate management, facilities, and technology sectors. Their mission is to maximize the workplace experience and reduce costs without sacrificing quality and reliability. They achieve this by empowering building owners and operators to propagate new norms and tenant behaviors toward organizational efficiency, energy sustainability, and savings opportunities.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Jorie Fields at (703) 669 2222 Ext. 709 or email at

202 Church Street SE #306, Leesburg, Virginia 20175 | Ph. 703.669.2222 |

8a gsa graphics

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Agile Knowledge Management at the General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service

The Project Management Institute (PMI), the foremost leader in project management best practices, has released a knowledge management pilot study conducted by the General Services Administration (GSA), Public Building Service (PBS) in their Rocky Mountain Region, that leverages existing applications to harness their knowledge management capabilities towards a long term solution for this immense organization. You can read the study published by PMI here.

The General Services Administration’s (GSA’s) Public Buildings Service (PBS) needed better knowledge management (KM) approaches for supporting their building maintenance, leasing, construction, and renovation projects delivered annually across the United States. A national KM team was formed and conducted an internal inventory of potential KM approaches. Google Sites/websites and Salesforce Chatter were available within PBS as potential KM tools, and were subsequently configured to support a KM pilot program with Region 8 property managers. After the successful pilot, additional KM initiatives using combinations of the Google Sites/Chatter format were developed as part of the current KM initiative, and as independent initiatives. This rapid piloting approach was later referred to by the team leadership as “Agile Knowledge Management,” given its emphasis on the customization of preexisting/prepaid software tools for quickly meeting the information needs of PBS professionals. Lessons learned and critical succes factors included the importance of sustained leadership support; the availability of cost effective tools that can be easily customized to serve users; dedicated staffing to coordinate regular system maintenance and updates; and direct team dialogue for sustaining agility in fluid or turbulent organizational environments.


Workplace Success Begins with People and Choice: Telling the Story Behind GSA Headquarters Transformation

Recently, Work Design Magazine invited The Building People to film the success story around the workplace transformation at GSA’s headquarters facility at 1800 F Street in Washington DC. The Building People’s Lawrence Melton and Linda Osgood gathered with Chuck Hardy (GSA), Janet Pogue (Gensler), John Vivadelli (Agilquest), and Torrance Houlihan (Agilquest) to share the results of the 1800 F transformation from an old government work space into a workplace of the future. This case study is designed to tell the story behind the project and those who came together to make it a total success. The 1800 F Street story is really about the government becoming a leader in workplace transformation by leveraging technological innovation and design to create a high performing space that delivers increased tenant satisfaction while achieving ambitious sustainability goals. Please see the video below to watch the entire story. Don’t forget to sign up for the 2015 Agile Workplace Conference in Washington DC on September 15th, where industry leaders will be sharing innovative workplace strategies, tactics, and best practices that will help drive your staff and facility performance into the future.

The Building People in this Month’s RICS MODUS Magazine Discuss Why the Federal Footprint is Down but Operating Costs are Up

“In 2014, the amount of space occupied by the us government went down, but running costs went up. Why?”





Click the the image for the article or see the entire issue of RICS MODUS here.

Realcomm 2015 Kicks off today in San Antonio, TX!

Realcomm Pre-Conference was excellent yesterday evening as we jumped right into a Smart Buildings Bootcamp and cyber security discussion. Today the official conference kicks off and we look forward to seeing you as we participate in this year’s two day event. Here is a preview of what’s in store:

Also, come and join us as The Building People CEO, Lawrence Melton will be hosting a session later this afternoon titled “Shifting from Reactive to PROACTIVE OPERATIONS – A Paradigm for FM,” details below:

Session Name: Shifting from Reactive to PROACTIVE OPERATIONS – A Paradigm for FM
Type: Panel
Date: 6/9/2015
Time: 4:15PM

Description: For anyone in the facilities management (FM) industry, it easy to remember that not too long ago, engineers with radios and clipboards were about the only option available. Fast-forward to today and we have machines talking to machines, fault detection diagnostics reaching into every wall, ceiling, closet and basement, and resulting analytics predicting the future and more. The end result of all this technology and automation is a radical shift from reactive to proactive operations. No longer do we wait for the call and respond, but today’s facilities team utilize sophisticated systems, know when the problems occur ahead of time and can prioritize the response accordingly. For anyone involved in FM, this session is a must-attend to get an update and see what lies ahead for facilities.

What does it mean to shift from reactive to proactive operations?
Do most traditional facility managers or engineers understand the potential that automation can deliver on proactive operations and do they have the skills to implement the technology?
Where does an organization start to transform itself from reactive to proactive operations?


Come join us for Realcomm 2015: The Intersection of Technology, Innovation, and Real Estate Operations


Come join The Building People June 9th-10th in San Antonio, TX for Realcomm 2015: The Intersection of Technology, Innovation, and Real Estate Operations:

The future or what we hear people describe as the future is really here. Real time information management, next generation property management concepts, prescriptive analytics, integrated CRMs, automated leasing, advanced mobile platforms, outsourced e-mail (and accounting, property and HR) electronic payments, totally smart buildings, connected meters, zero energy projects, nextgen office space, new retailing concepts, integrated digital signage, immersion walls, Uber for leased space, drones to inspect roofs, robots to measure space, 3D printing for spare parts and much much more. These are no longer just ideas…they are real…they are now! Read more and register here…

Here is an interview with The Building People CEO Lawrence Melton from Realcomm 2013 as he discusses the exciting issues  being covered at these annual events:

We can’t wait to see you there!

The Future of Sustainable Government – From Ecolabels to to Green Buildings


The Building People is looking forward to joining many of you tomorrow for the Coalition for Government Procurement 2015 Spring Training Conference. We will be joining the afternoon panel titled The Future of Sustainable Government: From Ecolabels to Green Buildings where we will discuss the latest executive order Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Federal Government and Across the Supply Chain and the impacts to contractors who do business with federal government agencies. We hope to see you there.