B3 Benchmarking

Energy costs account for the majority of your building’s operational budget. Knowing how much energy your buildings consume isn’t enough – you need to know how each building’s actual energy performance compares to relevant benchmarks. The Building People’s B3 – Buildings, Benchmarks, and Beyond – make’s it easier to manage building energy performance, carbon emissions, efficiency enhancements, and your energy budget.

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Reliable, Relevant Data – Quickly and Easily

Whether you’re managing one building, a collegiate or corporate campus, or a diverse real estate portfolio, you need to know how efficiently your buildings
are using energy so that you can prioritize deferred maintenance and energy improvement projects. B3 makes it easy for you to understand where the greatest potentials for energy improvement – and maximum ROI – exist. Using monthly utility billing data and some basic information about your buildings, B3 creates simple reports so you can systematically:

• Monitor building energy performance against relevant benchmarks
• Determine the best candidates for improvement and investment
• Prioritize your projects
• Verify project effectiveness

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Greater Perspective, Bigger Advantage

B3 uses complex analyses so that you can consider a building from four major perspectives, including and beyond ENERGY STAR. This multi-angle approach gives you the confidence that a poor performing building is truly in need of improvement. Furthermore, B3 gives provides CO2 measurements so that you can demonstrate your environmental footprint and the strategies you are taking to impact it.

The Next Step

B3 benchmarks more building types and space usages than ENERGY STAR to help users not only measure consumption but also perform meaningful comparisons among buildings. B3 integrates seamlessly with ENERGY STAR. Any building data that is entered or updated in B3 Benchmarking is pushed via an automated web service to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. B3 is the logical next step up from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Email Charles.Dilley@thebuildingpeople.com to request a demo and start getting the most from your portfolio’s energy performance.

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