Facilities Management


Building operations and maintenance significantly impact not just the owner’s costs, but the performance of the building itself, which is especially important in critical environments and data centers. Our facility management service provides a single point of accountability for all facility maintenance requirements, working with clients in an ongoing relationship to oversee maintenance staff and implement practices that will optimize the performance of building operations and enhance environmental quality.

Buildings managed by The Building People, LLC take advantage of intelligent automation, modern communications, and other technology solutions to operate, monitor, and maintain a building in the most efficient and cost-effective manner for both the short and long term.

Smart Buildings incorporate a range of technology services to greatly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs while improving comfort levels and automating many of the tasks normally performed by people.


          • Consulting services that analyze and determine the best technology choices for your business, including comprehensive consideration of all communication and control systems: electrical, HVAC, security, lighting controls, fire alarm, safety, audio/visual, and network infrastructure
          • The leveraging of your facility systems so that they work as a cohesive operational system – providing you with the best allocation of your building’s budget.
          • Management programs, off-site system monitoring, condition assessment, energy profiles, and site engineering programs – all of which work together to provide solutions for every client concern.


    • Facility Condition Assessments
      • Operations & Maintenance Planning
      • Utility Assessments
      • Facilities Engineering & Management Consulting
        • Site engineering
        • Outsourced facility staff and services
        • Augment on-site staff
        • Online digital archiving
        • Internet-based work order management
        • Remote monitoring
        • Training and distance learning
        • Remote operations
        • Standardized operating procedures
        • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)


            •    Reduce complexity
            •    Increased agility and flexibility
            •    Identify issues before they become problems
            •    Industry compliance
            •    Structured program of procedures and maintenance
            •    Qualified and trained staff
            •    Reduced energy and operating costs


Buildings are data-rich environments that contain valuable information about operations and performance.  The challenge is extracting this data and understanding how it affects building operations and performance.  We use our experience in operating and maintaining buildings to address this challenge by accumulating valuable data from any building, analyzing the resulting information and constructing energy solutions based on our clients unique needs.

          • Systems Integration
          • Systems Engineering
          • Facility Operations
          • Facility Efficiency
          • Planning & Design
          • Remote Building Monitoring
          • Security Integration, Monitoring & Design
          • Training & Development

Our Smart Building Solutions will capture and leverage existing data to optimize the health of your buildings, generate actionable insights enabling building operators to make timely corrections and control decisions, instill an energy efficient mindset throughout the organization, use an open IP architecture (completely vendor and protocol independent),  and extend energy saving success that provide the results our clients expect.