A Summer of Learning: Recapping The Building People’s Internship Program Successes

Carter Melton, Olivia Gettier, Kalvin Chhour, Abigail Poag, and Reece Bennett

The Building People’s inaugural 2023 summer internship program concluded during the first week of August. We are thrilled to share the journey we embarked on with our five exceptional interns as it was a transformative experience. We had the privilege to work with these young professionals as they learned about our mission and capabilities and immersed themselves in into our various business units, programs, and processes.

Our interns received comprehensive exposure to various aspects of our business units that drive The Building People’s success. This included diving into the intricacies of Business Development, where they learned valuable insights about marketing, capture strategies, identifying new opportunities, and the art of winning projects at competitive prices. Their journey explored project execution where they were exposed to the world of project delivery alongside our experienced Project Managers. Under the supervision of our Project Managers they acquired new insights into some of the complex programs we deliver for our clients from smart buildings automation technologies to day-to-day building operations.

In addition to delivery, our program exposed these young professionals to the headquarters operations to better understand the entire operational hierarchy that helps to maintain and grow the business. Collaborating with our leadership team and organization chart they learned the hierarchical structure, roles, and responsibilities within the delivery team. They were able to observe and learn about the seamless collaboration between human resources, business growth, IT, delivery, and operations that ensures our smooth project execution and customer satisfaction. Additionally, our program covered the financial aspects of our business, as these interns learned about accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll management. This well-rounded exposure equipped them with a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of our organization.

One of the highlights of this internship program was the final project, where our interns had the opportunity to present their projects to our leadership team. They each put together a structured presentation or demonstration showcasing their project and how it fit into the broader operations of the business. Our team was blown away by the intelligence and creativity they brought to their presentation and throughout the summer.

Their final project highlights are as follows:

Abigail Poag – Abigail created presentation slides for client presentations utilizing our Marketing Collateral 2-Pagers. Her goal with this project was to ensure uniformity in our marketing collateral and to help build brand integrity across the business. With many moving parts within the business, brand uniformity and integrity can be hard to maintain. This project helped us build a foundation of presentations for use across all our business lines that deliver on both needs.

Carter Melton– Carter created The TBP Compass. During his internship, Carter absorbed information from each business unit and department across The Building People. This prepared him and gave him the knowledge and tools to create The TBP Compass. Going forward, this PowerPoint presentation will serve as a vital resource for The Building People, offering a comprehensive overview of the information and skills that form the foundation of the company. With this valuable guide, new employees can expedite their understanding of the business and swiftly acclimate to their roles. The project was aptly named The TBP Compass to symbolize its instrumental role in navigating individuals through the organization and providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills for success.

Kalvin Chhour– Kalvin assisted our IT department by inputting all the asset data for The Building People into our Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software, Archibus. This was a large and tedious project that had to be done accurately to ensure that the software provided our team with reliable asset data. Kalvin’s hard work on this project ensured that The Building People will have reliable records, tracking, and maintenance schedules for all our physical assets.

Olivia Gettier– Olivia assisted our Growth team with organizing and doing much-needed housekeeping in Salesforce. She spent time reducing our NAICs codes, quality checking our account naming conventions, and removing over 100 unused fields in our Salesforce CRM. This project ensured data integrity by verifying recoverability and searchability, traceability (to origin), and connectivity. Protecting the validity and accuracy of data also increases stability and performance while improving reusability and maintainability.

Reece Bennett – – Reece assisted many different teams by diving into our contracts, reviewing all our current and previous performance work statements (PWS). He broke down every deliverable in each PWS and input them into a spreadsheet. This project is invaluable information to our teams, enabling them to have past performance information at the tip of their fingers for proposals, marketing, and innumerable other uses across the company.

As we reflect on the past few months, we can’t help but be inspired by the enthusiasm and dedication of our interns. Their commitment to learning, growing, and contributing to our mission has been truly admirable. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the interns for their hard work and unwavering passion. They have left an indelible mark on The Building People, and we are excited to what the future holds for them.


  • Jake Morgal

    Jake Morgal is an Assistant Project Manager with The Building People. He’s motivated, dependable self-starter with proven problem-solving skills, tact, and good judgement; providing superior individual and team support. Mr. Morgal is a great communicator and strong public speaker with effective and personable client interactions. He’s an organized professional that’s able to prioritize and manage multiple ongoing projects. Previously, Mr. Morgal worked for Jones Lang Lasalle on the Capital One Account at their Headquarters in McLean, VA. There he worked on the Facility Management and Workplace Solutions Tyson’s Team, covering Facility and Project Management support to over 2 million sq ft of floor area.