Our Founder

Lawrence Melton learned how to lead change and innovation across one of the most complex real estate portfolios in the world. As Facilities Manager of the White House during September 11th, 2001, his leadership was tested as he transformed their operations to deal with terror threats and technology adoption that was secure and reliable in an age of rapid innovation. After only a few years, Melton was promoted to a Senior Executive role where he was responsible for more than 350 million square feet of Federal real estate for the General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service National Headquarters. During this period, Melton assembled an innovative and experienced leadership team to implement the largest smart buildings program in the country and a national integrated work management system to create one of the largest and most advanced real estate portfolios in the world.

As he looked to the future, Melton’s vision was to step away from government service to create a company that could provide a total real estate and facility operations solution that delivers the integrated services he sought in the marketplace as a Federal Executive, but could never find. In 2013, The Building People was born as an idea to create a company that could integrate technology, buildings, and people to deliver the future of facilities today. Now in its seventh year, we are recognized as an industry-standard providing a total real estate services solution to the industry.

Our Leadership

As leaders in the real estate and infrastructure industry, The Building People leadership team brings more than 100 years of combined experience walking in the shoes of the clients we serve. We know the complexities to maintain, innovate, and add value to a real estate portfolio that serves some of the most complex missions in the world. While our competitors offer siloed services, we deliver an approach that accounts for the entire facility life-cycle and integrates the technology, buildings, and people at the core of the operation. We are here to provide the total real estate and facilities solution for real estate owners, occupiers, and operators that will take their facilities into the 21st century and beyond.

Austin Texas

We are here to provide the total real estate and facilities solution for real estate owners, occupiers, and operators that will take their facilities into the 21st century and beyond.

Our Team

Charles Dilley

As Managing Director with The Building People, Charles helped lay the foundation for the company’s growth from its outset through the development of the brand, marketing, growth, and business development strategy. He provides strategic management, business capture, branding and marketing, key performance measures, benchmark strategies, and strategic consulting in support of client portfolios in excess of 500 million square feet. He is an experienced project manager and business measures consultant with over a decade of experience specializing in statistical analysis, asset management, enterprise application integration, and key performance measures for private and public sector clients such as Kaiser Permanente, CenturyLink, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), and the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Charles holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from George Mason University.

Janice Raleigh

Janice Raleigh is the Human Resources Director with The Building People.  Ms. Raleigh is a seasoned human resource and management professional with over 25 years’ experience.  She has an extensive background as an HR generalist, including experience in strategy, employee recruitment and retention, staff development, benefits and compensation, employee management, HR policy development and legal compliance.  She provides both global and domestic human resources expertise. Before The Building People, Ms. Raleigh supervised the personnel security employees of ActioNet.

Linda Osgood

Linda is a Managing Director with The Building People. With over 30 years of Federal experience, she is a recognized expert across the Federal sector and considered a professional with a reputation for achieving exceptional results. Her abilities and experience have enabled her to become the resident expert within The Building People, given her Real Estate domain expertise and ability to apply a continuous organizational improvement to identify and resolve complex systematic business issues through effective analysis, planning, and management. Linda has conceived and built successful teams and operating policy and practices, always resulting in more flexible organizations with improved program and project delivery and cost-effective solutions.

Frank Santella

Frank serves as The Building People Managing Director for Delivery. Frank oversees a portfolio of projects across the company business lines ensuring that services meet and exceed client expectations. Frank recently left Federal Service as a Senior Executive with the General Services Administration (GSA), Public Buildings Service and has been with The Building People Team since 2017. Frank brings over 35 years of Federal experience in the real estate space. He was responsible for the management of a wide diverse nature of Federal properties with an emphasis on the daily service, maintenance & repair, energy supply and demand, and sustainability programs. With extensive operational experience, Frank continues to help federal agencies reduce costs without sacrificing quality and reliability.

Steve Passuth

Steve Passuth is Chief Financial Officer at The Building People. He has over 36 years of experience in the government contracting and professional services industry. Steve has been at the CFO level since 1997. His experience across the industry demonstrates his vast expertise from financial strategy planning and execution to leadership and personnel development. With The Building People’s success and triple-digit growth since 2013, Mr. Passuth provides the type of leadership that will help with the development, implementation, and oversight of a vigorous financial and accounting solution to support both their Federal and Commercial needs.

Brad Peterson

Brad Peterson is the Director of Technology Solutions & Services with The Building People. Brad brings more than 30 years of industry experience with the delivery and sustainment of technology solutions supporting the infrastructure, facilities and asset management markets. Brad’s experience specifically includes industry sales and business development, account management, channel development and support. He also has expertise in developing and sourcing industry subject matter.

Trevor Morrison

Trevor Morrison is Director of Energy and Sustainability at The Building People and is a passionate expert in energy efficiency and sustainability with extensive experience working with building owners and managers to help them deliver efficient asset operations and financial returns on energy investments. Prior to The Building People, Trevor spent over a decade building and managing portfolios for the sustainable construction and consulting firms Reinforced Daylight and Solar and Reinforced Energy.

During this period, he directed a consultant team and front-line mechanics to identify and implement energy conservation measures across a diverse portfolio of public and private sector clients. As a leader in energy program management, Trevor prioritizes financial returns on efficiency projects with a streamlined approach that identifies issues, incentives, life-cycle costs, and sustainability based on best practice and client goals.

Terry Kolda-Grossman

Terry Kolda-Grossman is the Corporate Quality Manager for The Building People. She has successfully managed and implemented ISO 9001 quality management systems and holds an Exemplar Global ISO 9001:2015 lead auditor certification. Ms. Kolda-Grossman has over 16 years of leadership experience in quality control, process improvement, project management, technical analysis and business development. Managing DoD and Federal government agency contracts as well as leading multimillion-dollar overseas contracts and personnel, she prides herself on delivering excellence to her internal and external clients. She is dedicated to improving processes and building efficiencies in business processes through contract execution. Ms. Kolda-Grossman possesses a DoD Top Secret clearance.

Jorie Fields

Jorie Fields joined The Building People four years ago as the Corporate Administrative & Operations Manager. She brings over 20 years of experience in managing business operations, including financial, accounting, administrative services, compliance and business development activities. Her diverse experience working with both large and small business organizations as an Account Executive and Office Manager provides a wealth of experience and contributions to The Building People. Jorie continually promotes the culture of the company through her demonstrated positive attitude, strong work ethic, and passion for quality work and success. She is passionate about supporting our team and is enthusiastic about continuing to cultivate strong client relationships.

Kelly Peter

Kelly Peter is the Human Resources Manager with The Building People.  Kelly brings more than 15 years of experience in small to mid-size organizations.  Her experience includes developing HR processes and policies, talent acquisition and training, compliance, employee relations, and performance management.  Prior to joining The Building People, Kelly supported both federal and commercial organizations through various stages of creation, growth, and stabilization.  As part of our corporate office, Kelly oversees our employee relations, recruitment, and Human Resource compliance.

Amanda Linthicum

Amanda Linthicum is the Marketing Manager with The Building People. She is an extremely driven digital marketing professional with experience in executing successful marketing campaigns through digital and traditional media platforms. Amanda strives to implement creative strategy in everything that she does. Her passion for marketing centers around learning about what makes people tick by incorporating thoughtful language and digital media into her marketing initiatives.

Suzanne Geary-Henderson

Suzanne Geary-Henderson is the Talent Acquisition Manager with The Building People. She has proven success in corporate and contract growth in the Federal contracting market.  With more than 20 years of Recruiting experience, she’s recognized as a focused professional in building strong relationships with candidates, internal leadership, and government clients.  As the first point of contact with candidates, Suzanne demonstrates the principles of The Building People, often sharing the many reasons she is proud to be part of our team.

Laura Fabeny

Laura Fabeny serves as a Senior Program Manager with The Building People for the Northbound Solutions JV Business Administration Support Services and Conference Logistics contract with the Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy office. As a Senior Program Manager, Laura is responsible for the day-to-day management of the $70M business support services contract. Laura is responsible for the leading teams to deliver project(s) and provide client support across multiple program offices and client sites. Staff support EERE by delivering business services and conference logistics support including project and program planning, budget and operations, communications and stakeholder engagement, and executive administrative support.

Kristyn Clayton

Kristyn Clayton is a Senior Program Manager and has 30 years as a technical consultant and a program manager in facility operations, design and construction, resource efficiency, sustainability and codes/policies/standards pertaining to the built environment and energy conservation. Her career has included unique projects spanning a wide array of technologies such as nuclear submarine reactor testing, quality control at hazardous material training facilities, risk assessment on NASA space missions, deployment of state-of-the-art energy-saving building technologies and operational improvements for high performing, sustainable campuses. Ms. Clayton provides experience collaborating across real estate and facilities disciplines with unique expertise delivering complex requirements, operational infrastructure, quality control systems, change management, and program management.

Louis Friscoe

Louis Friscoe is a Senior Program Manager with The Building People. He brings experience in strategic planning, operations, and program management. He is a Lean Six Sigma Analyst and Military Veteran with an Active Secret Security Clearance and over 15 years of seeing the macro picture and providing strategic advice that will optimize business processes. He brings extensive knowledge in eliminating non-value-added work, errors, redundancies, and variability under dynamic fast-paced environments. He has managed teams to analyze internal processes and explore various other methodologies to fit the organization’s goal.

Jeff Gehring

Jeff Gehring is a Senior Program Manager with The Building People. He is a motivated and effective leader with proven results in Facilities Management & Operations for commercial properties, premier shopping centers, college campuses and mission-critical environments; including data centers. Mr. Gehring has extensive facilities engineering experience and has managed diverse teams of personnel, both union and non-union. He excels in working with multimillion-dollar budgets, forecasting, five-year capital plans and directing the operations of large properties.

David Cottingham

David Cottingham is a Project Controls Officer with The Building People and an experienced Real Estate Portfolio Manager, Strategist, and Certified General Appraiser. He has over a decade of experience specializing in real estate analysis, valuation, portfolio management and optimization with private, local and federal government experience, working with such agencies as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), and U.S. Department of State.

Kelly Russell

Kelly Russell is a Senior Accountant with The Building People.  She has a demonstrated history of working in the facilities management industry with government and commercial contracts.  Kelly is skilled in Accounts Receivables and Payables, Payroll, Revenue Recognition, Contract Administration, and Cash Management. She is a strong accounting professional with a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) focused in Accounting.  Kelly’s determination and work ethic have been noted by many, and she continues to conquer obstacles to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Stephanie Karlicek

Stephanie Karlicek is a Payroll Specialist with The Building People She is an HR and Payroll professional with over 15 years of progressive experience and consistent success in designing, implementing, managing, and administering HR, Payroll, and Benefits system(s) solutions. Her attention to detail is a key component to guarantee an error-free workplace.

Savannah Koehler

Savannah Koehler is an Accounts Payable Specialist with The Building People. Savannah is skilled in Accounts Payable, Expenses, H&W, and parts of Payroll. She has a strong passion for this business and helping all people achieve their goals. Though she does not come from a Finance background, she has two Honors College B. S. degrees in Criminal Justice and Forensic Anthropology from Western Carolina University, where she graduated early and with Honors. Savannah’s drive and passion for people has established a foundation, with underlying support, for all ideas, arguments, & processes.

Timothy Marshall

Timothy Marshall serves as a Pricing Manager with The Building People. He is a federal contracting professional with over 20 years of extensive finance and pricing experience. Known for developing and implementing pricing strategies for our company’s services. Prior to joining The Building People, Timothy served a long stint at National Government Services (NGS) as a Pricing Manager. There he was responsible for leading cost volume efforts including pricing strategy, proposal planning, development and post-submittal activities.

Jacob Morgal

Jacob Morgal is a Project Assistant with The Building People. He’s motivated, dependable self-starter with proven problem-solving skills, tact, and good judgment; providing superior individual and team support. Mr. Morgal is a great communicator and strong public speaker with effective and personable client interactions. He’s an organized professional that’s able to prioritize and manage multiple ongoing projects.

Neil Morgan

Neil Morgan is a Senior Program Manager with The Building People. Mr. Morgan has 18 years of Integrated Facilities Management, Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Real Estate Development experience with the federal government and the private sector. His expertise in project development procedures, procurement, design and construction management, and Real Estate Due Diligence allowed him to be successful as a Director of multiple divisions of GSA, and a successful private real estate developer on several marquee projects in the southeast United States. Mr. Morgan brings 18 years of experience in a variety of real estate transactions and operations to successfully lead teams toward successful delivery for our clients.

Michael Bowman

Michael Bowman is a Senior Program Manager with The Building People. Mr. Bowman has 10 years of experience structuring and capturing facilities management contracts with the federal government, state and local governments, and higher education customers. His expertise in project development procedures, procurement processes, capture planning, win theme development, and proposal generation for complex solutions related to infrastructure and other real estate assets has allowed him to be successful on marquee transactions that include a $200M+ contract with a large university in the Midwest and a $250M+ contract with a convention center authority in the Southeast.  Mr. Bowman brings a knowledge of a wide variety of transaction, operational, and contracting structures to successfully lead pursuits resulting in profitable growth.

Amber Cordelli

Amber Cordelli is a Senior Contracts Manager with The Building People.  Amber has over 16 years’ experience managing government contracts with a focus on professional services.  Her experience includes cradle to grave contract and subcontract management as well as pricing support, and cost volume development for a wide variety of contract types to include GSA Schedules and CTAs.  She is customer focused with a demonstrated history of successful client management.

Denny Boyles

Denny Boyles is a Senior Program Manager with The Building People.  He is a strategic leader with over 14 years of demonstrated success in Facilities Management, Real Estate, & Procurement on a global scale.  He brings extensive knowledge of construction, space planning, project management, global business operations, and process improvement.  He has a track record of helping companies align their acquisitions to corporate processes & procedures.  He excels in working with multimillion-dollar budgets, procurement, contract negotiations, and directing business operations in a global environment.

Annette Church

Annette Church serves as Proposal Coordinator at The Building People with a demonstrated history of successfully supporting proposal development initiatives. She is detail-oriented, focused, and patient.  She strives in an environment of teamwork and collaboration. Annette’s role includes developing opportunity summaries, maintaining proposal schedules, developing compliance matrices, performing technical editing of the proposal prior to final submission, and performing compliance quality reviews. Annette will also be instrumental in the next phase of process improvement for proposal operations, as we implement standardized content review cycles, proposal development, and proposal collaboration using Qvidian.

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