About Us

The Building People integrate technology, buildings, and people to deliver the future of facilities today.

We solve the complex challenges facing building owners, tenants and stakeholders by maximizing the workplace experience and reducing costs – all without sacrificing quality or reliability. Our approach guides clients through the integration of all phases of the real estate life-cycle, and our commitment is driven by our passion to innovate, lead with experience, and build long-term relationships with our clients.

The real estate and the facilities landscapes are changing, join us and we will lead this change together.


The Building People

For decades, real estate owners have struggled to keep operation costs low while adopting new technologies, business practices, and investment strategies that will advance their portfolios into the future. Industry research that shows each year the Federal Government overpays for facilities operations by more than $7 billion dollars. These expenses have grown into a deferred maintenance backlog approaching $100 Billion across the country; a figure larger than many national economies. These high costs are driven by disjointed automation systems, a lack of capital reinvestment, employee turnover, Federal policy demands, and a rise in energy costs that leaves operators scrambling to keep up with routine operations.

These distractions prevent many owners from developing the comprehensive life-cycle management strategies they need to create value across their portfolios. In 2013, The Building People was founded to guide Real Estate owners and operators towards an integrated solution that solves these out of control costs without sacrificing quality or reliability so that owners can lead their portfolios into the 21st century.

Every real estate organization can overcome these 21st-century challenges and realize their full potential. We know this because our leadership has walked in their shoes. Our senior management team brings more than 100 years of experience solving these challenges throughout their careers and will walk alongside customers with direct knowledge of their desired outcomes.

We empower our clients to focus on the integration of technology, buildings, and people because these are the foundations of every successful real estate program and when they work together they deliver work environments that are comfortable, functional, and drive the tenant’s mission to deliver their core business without distraction. The Building People are here to help you create a connected real estate portfolio that integrates disciplines, advances technology adoption, and delivers value for you and your tenants.

Industry research that shows each year the Federal Government overpays for facilities operations by more than $7 billion dollars.


As leaders in the real estate and infrastructure industry, The Building People leadership team brings more than 100 years of combined experience walking in the shoes of the clients we serve. We know the complexities to maintain, innovate, and add value to a real estate portfolio that serves some of the most complex missions in the world.

While our competitors offer siloed services, we deliver an approach that accounts for the entire facility life-cycle and integrates the technology, buildings, and people at the core of the operation. We are here to provide the total real estate and facilities solution for real estate owners, occupiers, and operators that will take their facilities into the 21st century and beyond.