Archibus Commissioning

Building owners are often hindered by the lack of effective and efficient communication during the design, construction, and commissioning stages, resulting in unnecessary costs and operational inefficiencies.

The Archibus Commissioning application helps solve this problem by capturing and coordinating graphic and non-graphic data – including Building Information Modeling (BIM), as-builts, shop drawings, maintenance manuals, space, and equipment information – in one central repository.

The application makes all data elements searchable and accessible for viewing using a Web browser or a mobile device. And the application correlates all the information to confirm a facility and its systems meet the as-designed specifications.

Archibus Commissioning also helps lower the costs associated with claims and corrective actions, as well as optimize downstream building system performance.

Archibus Commissioning


  • Streamline the process that verifies your facility and its systems meet as-designed specifications and owner requirements
  • Provide the mechanism to identify and correct problems early in the design/build process
  • Reduce costs associated with post-occupancy troubleshooting, claims, and corrective work
  • Optimize downstream building performance by providing the tools to support continuous improvement in energy and operational cost savings