Archibus Extension for BUILDER SMS

Integrate the inventory and analysis of BUILDER™ with the user-friendly interface, data, reporting, KPI metrics, strategic analysis, and workflow of Archibus.

Archibus Extension for BUILDER SMS

Centralize, Validate and Expand Data

Synchronize data in both directions, so that you only have to enter data once. Archibus validates data for accuracy and incorporates all data from BUILDER™ with additional asset management data. Create a reliable and complete central database.

Optimize with Performance Metrics

Inform strategy with performance metrics dashboards, incorporating KPIs from BUILDER™ and Archibus (including TCO). Address underperforming areas, track trends, and measure results.

Extend Asset Lifecycles

Link BUILDER to the Archibus Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) application. EAM provides a management framework for the entire lifecycle of every asset, so you can avoid lost, misused, or degraded assets.