Archibus Hazard Abatement

Successful facility professionals need to actively monitor the potential of indoor environmental hazards, such as asbestos and radon to lead paint and mold.

Archibus Hazard Abatement helps these managers protect the health of building occupants, minimize organizational liability, and avoid costly fines or possible litigation.

Unlike spreadsheets or other non-integrated tools, Web-based Archibus Hazard Abatement provides a flexible and highly systematic process to help ensure all hazardous materials are quickly and accurately located, tracked, and abated using searches that connect directly to graphical views of space and equipment inventories.

In addition, Hazard Abatement’s ability to easily share and integrate hazardous materials data with other systems and processes greatly decreases the likelihood of errors/omissions, averts unnecessary shutdowns, and reduces the overall cost of regulatory compliance.

Archibus Hazard Abatement


  • Facilitate a safe working environment for building occupants by reducing potential exposure to hazardous materials
  • Minimize the potential for expensive litigation and monetary damages resulting from regulatory actions and/or occupational illnesses
  • Avert costly operating shutdowns, loss of facility use, penalties, or fines resulting from hazardous material violations
  • Reduce operational costs for regulatory compliance by streamlining the process of identifying, locating, sampling, documenting, and abating hazardous materials