Archibus Lease Administration

Organizations with extensive lease portfolios are faced with the daunting task of tracking numerous leases with varying expiration dates and equally variable terms of tenancy.

Relying on manual processes to track and manage these leases can result in errors based on inaccessible or inaccurate information, missed renewal dates, internal customer frustration, and possible monetary penalties.

Web-based Archibus Leases provides a centralized repository, flexible dashboards, automated alerts, and more. Deploying the application will help streamline data entry, automate lease information-gathering and management, and improve analytic capabilities, all while providing a high service level at reduced cost.

Archibus Lease Administration


  • Automate processes for lease tracking and management
  • Improve access of lease information to facilitate easy analysis and reporting
  • Streamline tracking of landlord and tenant responsibilities to avoid unnecessary charges
  • Minimize errors and speeds data entry through intuitive prompts, reducing administrative costs