Archibus Mobile Framework

Accelerate service delivery with secure, real-time access to Archibus data from smart phones and tablets to provide a streamlined mobile experience for staff on the ground.

Archibus Mobile Framework

Mobile Platforms:

Space Book App: Provides all facilities staff with quick and easy access to key building data and drawings on their mobile devices and also enables them to conduct paperless space surveys

Maintenance App: Facilitates updating and completing work while in the field and also enhances the quality and accuracy of the information

Asset Registration App: Scans and accepts assets singly or in bulk at the loading dock or shipping room

Asset & Equipment Survey App: Supports creating and maintaining an asset inventory; completing work in the field to enhance the quality and accuracy of information

Incidents Reporting App: Captures and reports on environmental, health and safety incidents and details

Workplace Services Portal App: Supports request intake and processing for room reservations, A/V needs, etc.

Space & Occupancy Survey App: Facilitates verification of space allocation, employee location and much more

Mobile Executive Reports App: Generates metrics, alerts, and summary reports in the field

Hazardous Materials App: Find the location of hazardous materials through graphical building, floor, and room drill-downs, edit inventory and more