Archibus Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD & Revit

Building Information Modeling (BIM) has enabled a richly detailed and collaborative approach to the way buildings are designed and constructed.

What it lacks, however, is a way to easily scale to the portfolio-level and connect with business data.

Archibus Smart Client Extension for Revit addresses that need with a true BIM 4.0 application designed from a facility manager’s perspective.

It provides quick access to Revit graphics and COBie information using Web Services to connect Revit models to Archibus enterprise data.

This gives users a comprehensive view of an organization and its processes.

In addition, the Smart Client Extension implements rules and workflows that coordinate the bi-directional data exchange and updates the BIM model itself, to keep everything in-synch.

Archibus Smart Client Extension for AutoCAD & Revit


  • Leverage data collected during design/construction phase into optimizing management of building throughout lifecycle
  • Provides an intuitive, graphical bi-directional link to Revit using Web Services, enabling an easy, incremental approach in transitioning to BIM technology
  • Supports all facility management elements in BIM models
  • Puts BIM data to work immediately for building operations-related processes
  • Connects seamlessly to Archibus applications for increased productivity and data accuracy