Archibus Software as a Service (Saas)

Archibus SaaS provides an off-the-shelf, hosted IWMS solution for smaller organizations that need a quicker deployment and less customization. Archibus SaaS empowers you with the insights and tools you need to reduce your real estate spending and elevate your employee experience. Start with the essentials in Archibus Foundations, then upgrade to advanced targeted solutions as your workplace strategy evolves.

Archibus Foundations: An all-in-one, entry-level package for managing space and maintenance requests and is ideal for:

  • organizations with less than ~ 250,000 SF or 25,000 SM
  • organizations with less than ~ 1,000 employees
  • organizations who want something better than Excel, Email, and a Sharepoint Server to manage their facilities

From mobile devices or kiosks, self-service employees and building guests can look up key facility information and request space and moves; Foundations managers then use forms, consoles, and reports to manage these requests and maintain basic space and employee data.

Archibus Foundations includes these major components:

Archibus Software as a Service (SaaS)

Archibus Workplace: Empower staff to make and track service requests, from maintenance to personal moves. Include photos, descriptions, and location details to improve outcomes and ultimately, enhance the safety and well-being of everyone in the workplace. Included in Workplace:

Performance Metrics:  Make informed decisions by compiling data and analyzing it in an easy-to-use platform.

Smart Client Extensions for AutoCAD and Revit:  Integrate facilities and infrastructure with BIM models over the web for comprehensive building lifecycle management and reporting.

Mobile Framework: Ensure a centralized and accurate data repository, no matter what systems you use.

Archibus Software as a Service Modules

Archibus SaaS modules available to be added individually to fit your organization’s needs:

Space: Optimize space across your entire portfolio to maximize usage and enable your workforce. Streamline moves and ensure everyone is where they need to be. Included in Space:

Maintenance: Track and evaluate corrective and preventative maintenance to improve continuously and enhance outcomes across the board. Included in Maintenance: 

  • Corrective Work
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Asset Management – An integrated view of all assets, including properties, buildings, land, structures, equipment, and furniture.
  • Reservations – An intuitive, integrated solution for scheduling shared space and associated amenities.
  • Strategic Space Planning – Manage current and projected space needs
  • Condition Assessment -An objective, dynamic process for evaluating physical assets to help substantiate corrective action.
  • Compliance – A highly scalable solution to easily and efficiently negotiate the substantial data and recordkeeping involved with regulatory compliance.
  • Real Property – Track current and projected holdings, leased versus owned space, building cost performance data, and more, to enable insightful planning.
  • Leases – A centralized repository, flexible dashboards, automated alerts, and more.
  • Capital Projects – Manage complex capital project schedules and budgets. Included in Capital Projects:

Sustainability & Risk Modules: Ensure that your organization is safe for people and good for the planet. This module can be purchased in many sub-configurations based on your organization’s individual needs.

Archibus Healthcare: A bundle featuring Space, Maintenance, and healthcare-specific features