Talent Development Services

The Challenge

Protego’s employees represent a wide mix of operational roles across their Ladson office. This meant that each position was fairly specialized without deep benches to cover the gaps left when staff departed the company. Some of the Talent Development challenges included:

  • Inability to discern placement of the right people into the roles for which they were best suited.
  • Inability to assess and develop the leadership competencies of their employees.
  • Lack of a staffing plan that maintains the continuity of operations at the level of the individual position and within a team.
  • Creating awareness of the natural work styles of employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Lack of awareness around how employee and team traits impact their ability to perform their job, make decisions, and communicate effectively.

The Solution

Our solution helped Protego stakeholders to develop employees at all levels of their organization so that they could get the best out of an employee’s natural work style. We highlighted how those work styles impact peer-to-peer and manager-to-subordinate relationships across their organization. We examined the dynamics of teams and subgroups as well to developed conscientiousness around how individual workstyles impact the character of these groups. Our solution guided Protego by utilizing a reliable, scientifically validated software platform to examine their organization in conjunction with individual leadership development, team workshops, and training for their employees at every level. Our solution leveraged data science through the application of The Predictive Index software platform in concert with professional virtual and in-person coaching sessions. These sessions operated as workshops and feature several dimensions to deliver a complete program for our client’s needs.

Key Takeaways

Established a new level of self-awareness for all employees from the production floor to the senior management team
We were able to demonstrate how understanding an individual’s natural workstyle impacts his/her daily roles and responsibilities, interactions, methods of communication, and approach to decision making.
The staff learned the importance of understanding what drives human beings to be able to predict needs and behaviors in the workplace.

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