How Can IWMS Software Help Your Organization?

Document management system concept with downtown San Francisco skyline buildings

Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) software helps organizations efficiently use workplace resources. This includes management of their real estate, facilities maintenance, equipment management, space planning, integrated services, and sustainability on a single integrated software platform.

In general, there are five core components in an IWMS: 

  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Facilities and Maintenance Management
  • Space and Occupancy Management
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability and Energy Management

There are immense benefits for organizations from using IWMS software, including reducing facility costs, optimizing the use of spaces, and providing an elevated workplace experience for employees and customers. IWMS software allows organizations to manage these critical components in one easy-to-use software. This enables an organization to become much more efficient when managing its built environment.

Reduce Facility Costs:
Reducing facilities cost is a crucial benefit of IWMS software. IWMS software allows facility managers to efficiently receive, deploy, and service work orders for preventive and corrective maintenance. This efficiency thus reduces the risk of failure and decreases the downtime when there is an equipment failure. IWMS software also allows maintenance and field workers to be deployed from anywhere with all the information they need for a work order on their smart device. This reduces the need for paper work orders, travel time to and from facilities, and time spent looking for maintenance manuals needed to service equipment, thus increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Along with increased efficiency in maintenance, IWMS software helps facility managers easily monitor building efficiency, thus allowing them to make proper adjustments to reduce utility and energy costs for their buildings. Keeping a keen eye on these things allows facility managers to replace inefficient equipment and intelligently schedule upgrades and renovations to maximize efficiency.

Optimize Use of Space:
IWMS software allows real estate and facility managers to access blueprints, CAD drawings, lease agreements, and space arrangement information in one program. This will enable organizations to see how much space it uses and the “right size” of its real estate portfolios based on how it is currently using their space. Along with making decisions on buying or selling property, an IWMS allows you to efficiently use your space by maximizing the time it’s being used with workplace hoteling functions. This is especially important in today’s ever-increasing hybrid workplace approach for many organizations.

Elevated Workplace Experience:
An efficient workplace that runs well makes for a great environment to work in. IWMS software helps make workers and workplaces more efficient. Efficient employees who work in a great environment are more productive and enjoy their work at a much higher rate. All this makes for an elevated workplace experience that helps organizations make their organization a great place to work.


  • James Castruccio

    Director of Solutions Analysis

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