IWMS Application Equipping (Training)

The Building People considers training to be unique to the organization we are implementing for and offer various methods to suit your needs. We can arrange on-site training, remote web-based training or provide video tutorials, based upon preference and scheduling considerations for your users. With any of these methods, we will provide training for the required applications features and tools.

We also offer detailed user guides, with explanations and step by step procedures contained within them. Each training manual is developed specifically for the way IWMS software is configured and deployed in your facility. Our goal is to have a training manual simple enough that someone can reference it after they have received training and be able to completely understand how to use the application.

Equipping does not have end with training, we are also available to host Webinars as well as user group meetings to continue the educational process of the IWMS software users in your organization.

We consider training to be unique to the organization we are implementing for.

Our approach equips people to be smarter through smarter technologies and smarter buildings.

We ensure project leaders understand the change management, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and stakeholder engagement required to deliver the future of facilities today. Tenants must experience these innovations in a way that inspires them to transform how they interact with next-generation built environments. We encourage individuals to see their environment as a tool to support their work, the mission, and the impact they will have on generations to come.