IWMS Implementation

A robust Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) can ensure that your facility is able to optimize operations, enable effective stewardship of limited resources, and create value long-term. However, it is very important that you start with clean data, capable staff, and standardized processes.

The Building People’s Solution Delivery team utilizes a systematically structured approach to effectively integrate a software-based service into the workflow of an organization at the enterprise level. We begin by performing a functional requirements analysis, during which we work with the key stakeholders to understand their existing processes as well as their goals. We document existing processes and identify areas that are efficient as well as areas that can be improved throughout the implementation.

Our Process

The Building People will use an Envisioning process to conduct a workshop with the client’s staff to explain the application configuration options available and to solicit initial setup and integration requirements. Next, we make any necessary database schema and programming modifications, as detailed in the specification documents. This is the phase in which we will set up the client’s environment, work on any integrations and configure the software based on user requirements.

Once changes have been made, with the help of the project’s key stakeholders, we identify a small user base that can test the functionality of the application. This helps ensure the functional requirements are met and also gives the key stakeholders an opportunity to make minor adjustments to the application.

Our next step is to migrate any existing data into the application from existing systems or files. For information that is not able to be sourced elsewhere, we collaborate with the key stakeholders to build the base set of data. This process typically includes us creating Excel spreadsheets to be used as templates which can be filled out by key stakeholders and then imported into IWMS software by our project team. We will also leverage existing reports in the IWMS software and/or create any required reports that do not already exist in the platform so that you can effectively share information and communicate key performance indicators (KPIs).

We begin with our focus on the people and the processes already in place. Once we have collectively agreed on the process moving forward, we embark on applying the technology.

Our approach equips people to be smarter through smarter technologies and smarter buildings.

We ensure project leaders understand the change management, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and stakeholder engagement required to deliver the future of facilities today. Tenants must experience these innovations in a way that inspires them to transform how they interact with next-generation built environments. We encourage individuals to see their environment as a tool to support their work, the mission, and the impact they will have on generations to come.