Press Release: The Building People Appoints Linda Osgood as Chief of Staff

May 8, 2023

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May 8, 2023, Leesburg, VAThe Building People, a recognized leader in the real estate and facilities industry, has announced the appointment of Linda Osgood as Chief of Staff.  

With over 30 years of Federal experience, Linda is a recognized expert across the federal sector and is considered a professional with a reputation for achieving exceptional results. Linda has conceived and built successful teams and operating policies and practices, always resulting in more flexible organizations with improved program and project delivery and cost-effective solutions.  

Linda’s abilities and experience have enabled her to become the resident expert within The Building People, given her real estate domain expertise and ability to apply continuous organizational improvement to identify and resolve complex systematic business issues through effective analysis, planning, and management. As Chief of Staff, Linda will continue to drive strategy, quality, operations, and risk management for The Building People.  

“Since our inception, Linda has been part of the foundation of our success. Her experience, vision, and understanding continue to drive the credibility our team brings to our customers and workforce,” said Lawrence Melton, CEO & President. “Linda’s leadership is critical to the history of The Building People as she truly has helped define how we deliver our ‘People’ strategy to our clients.” 

About The Building People   

The Building People provides innovative solutions that integrate technology, buildings, and people through strategic thought leadership and expertise. We enhance our customers’ ability to build a culture that optimizes performance in the built environment. Our approach integrates all phases of the real estate life cycle, and our commitment is driven by our passion to innovate, lead with experience, and build long-term relationships with our clients.   

We solve the sustainability, infrastructure, and workforce challenges that disrupt organizations from reaching their full potential. Our experts deliver people-centric solutions that utilize automation technology, adaptive infrastructure, and scientific employee engagement strategies to transform workplace environments and cultures into productive, healthy, efficient, and adaptive professional communities.

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