Realcomm 2015 Kicks off today in San Antonio, TX!

Realcomm Pre-Conference was excellent yesterday evening as we jumped right into a Smart Buildings Bootcamp and cyber security discussion. Today the official conference kicks off and we look forward to seeing you as we participate in this year’s two day event. Here is a preview of what’s in store:

Also, come and join us as The Building People CEO, Lawrence Melton will be hosting a session later this afternoon titled “Shifting from Reactive to PROACTIVE OPERATIONS – A Paradigm for FM,” details below:

Session Name: Shifting from Reactive to PROACTIVE OPERATIONS – A Paradigm for FM
Type: Panel
Date: 6/9/2015
Time: 4:15PM

Description: For anyone in the facilities management (FM) industry, it easy to remember that not too long ago, engineers with radios and clipboards were about the only option available. Fast-forward to today and we have machines talking to machines, fault detection diagnostics reaching into every wall, ceiling, closet and basement, and resulting analytics predicting the future and more. The end result of all this technology and automation is a radical shift from reactive to proactive operations. No longer do we wait for the call and respond, but today’s facilities team utilize sophisticated systems, know when the problems occur ahead of time and can prioritize the response accordingly. For anyone involved in FM, this session is a must-attend to get an update and see what lies ahead for facilities.

What does it mean to shift from reactive to proactive operations?
Do most traditional facility managers or engineers understand the potential that automation can deliver on proactive operations and do they have the skills to implement the technology?
Where does an organization start to transform itself from reactive to proactive operations?