Energy & Sustainability


Organizations today face many challenges when it comes to managing facilities. Upgrading utility infrastructures and replacing obsolete equipment is a must to control costs, conserve energy, as well as improve the comfort and productivity of occupants.

Our Energy Solutions are an easy and cost-effective way for building owners and facility managers to make needed energy improvements. Using our integrated project management process, you can be sure projects are designed for each customer’s specific requirements and apply a comprehensive suite of integrated, technological infrastructure improvements to a building that result in:

          • guaranteed energy and operating cost savings
          • increased staff productivity
          • reduced downtime and equipment costs
          • reduced environmental impact
          • enhanced government compliance

Uniquely, our customers are able to use the cost savings from their project to pay for the improvements up front. And, customers save time and money by having a single source of responsibility for all project components.

Components of our projects include detailed assessment and analysis, expert project management, continuous measurement and verification, and guaranteed performance.

Energy Management Planning and Strategies –

A four-phased comprehensive energy management solution that assists with a variety of energy projects that include renewable and sustainable energy. Phases include: Consulting/Auditing/Energy management solutions, Concept development and requirements analysis, Implementation and change management, and Measurement and verification.

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