Our People Strategy

The empowerment of people is at the core of The Building People’s mission to integrate technology, buildings, and people to deliver the future of facilities today. We empower our customers, employees, and leadership through education, collaboration, and experience so that our integrated solutions achieve their maximum potential.

So how do we do this?

Our approach to building the right team of people to achieve the customer’s objectives is paramount. To do this we deploy proven data science that quantifies people’s behavioral drives and needs in the workplace. How do they influence others? What is their level of social engagement? Do they thrive in dynamic environments or in consistent and stable ones?

We utilize this information to help individual team members understand how they can best communicate, collaborate, and work with others to achieve their collective objectives. It is about transparency and understanding of what our drives and needs are in relation to teammates so that we can develop relationships and clear direction together. When we say “smarter people” we are not focused on talent alone. We are focused on the strategic formula to create the right mix of talent to get the job done well.

Our investment in this process gives customers confidence in the quality of service and expertise they can expect from our people.

Our expert solutions teams engage with clients and their stakeholders to build their knowledge base about the changes that will most impact their operations. We remove the obstacle of the unknown, so that clients see the objective clearly and understand the path forward. We deliver intelligence derived from data-driven models that help remove variables from the decision tree so that there is less perceived risk and clearer direction up the path ahead. We provide the resources that leadership needs to engage their tenants and stakeholders with the critical information, analysis, and educational materials that will help them replace trepidation with confidence in the return on investment. We work smarter to help our clients build a culture of early adopters to realize their returns faster and develop the deep trust for which we have become known.

Building People

Finally, at The Building People, we believe to deliver the best customer experience we must also create the best employee experience. We make investments in the people who come to work for us because we know that if we show them how much we value them, they will demonstrate their appreciation by investing in their relationships with our clients.

It is our top priority to mentor employees and help them advance in their careers, achieve personal growth, and build them into better leaders that will have a lasting impact on the clients they support, their families, and their communities.