Our Technology Strategy

Technology innovations have transformed how organizations manage their real estate portfolio; yet, many real estate owners pay millions for these new innovations without the expertise or strategy to adopt, integrate, and mature them to deliver maximum value for their mission. Many owners acquire the latest solutions without assessing their organization’s capacity to adapt, operate, or measure their performance against a baseline that can inform them whether it delivers a return on their investments. To be an innovative real estate organization one must choose the right people with the knowledge and experience to lead technology adoption, integration, and application across diverse disciplines, departments, and teams.

Our Strategy

The Building People are here to offer our leadership and experience in overcoming these real estate and facilities technology challenges. We see innovation as a people strategy, not a technology strategy. We are different because we elevate people to the top of this new paradigm through our connected real estate model that delivers early engagement, education, and strategic prioritization so that organizations are not left flat footed. We equip people so that they can empower technology and innovation toward the future of facilities.

Our technology solutions connect building operators, stakeholders, and tenants to their environment so that they can see critical data points that impact how they manage and control resources whether monitoring utilities or reserving a conference room.

Our approach equips people to be smarter through smarter technologies and smarter buildings.

We ensure project leaders understand the change management, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and stakeholder engagement required to deliver the future of facilities today. Tenants must experience these innovations in a way that inspires them to transform how they interact with next-generation built environments. We encourage individuals to see their environment as a tool to support their work, the mission, and the impact they will have on generations to come.

Our Solutions

Our solutions deliver clients data-driven buildings and workspace that utilize a low cost, high-value approach. We leverage existing untapped building data to expose and resolve energy-saving opportunities, help prioritize capital investments, labor allocations, and drive occupant awareness toward voluntary behavioral changes that will improve tenant satisfaction.

By connecting our clients’ building operations and business to the critical people in their facility and organization, we connect them to real-time information that equips them with the intelligence they need to manage their resources, organization, and assets optimally.  Our connected real estate strategy empowers expertise, savings, and resilience for a smarter future of facilities.

We encourage individuals to see their environment as a tool to support their work, the mission, and the impact they will have on generations to come.