Talented Team Members Rock Annual Holiday Party

Several musically talented employees have come together to form a band! They kicked off their tenure as a band by performing a set at our annual holiday party. Many of our team members are remote, so this was also the first time they played together in person, which speaks volumes about how talented and dedicated this group is. Organizing a band that’s never all rehearsed in person and lives in various parts of the country may seem like a crazy idea. Still, it came to fruition quickly once all the members realized how passionate they were about playing.

“Marc and I started discussing a TBP Band compilation when we started our employment here in mid-2021. It was a lot of fun to talk about, but it was absolutely awesome when the stars aligned, and Keith joined the team, as well as Hank shortly thereafter,” said Shawn Morgal. “A ton of credit goes to Marc and Keith for giving the necessary nudge to make this a reality, and there is no telling what the future may hold for this group to get together and jam again sometime in the near future!”

“Playing from the same sheet of music means no rehearsal needed,” said Hank Terlaje. “I liked the fact that we are all seasoned musicians – and can learn our separate parts of a song and be able to go into a gig and sound like we have been performing together for years,” said Marc Zoellner.​​​​​​ The yet-to-be-named band (they’re open to suggestions) is made up of four members of The Building People with two of their friends to round out a robustly talented six-piece:

Marc Zoeller, Senior Vice President – Growth: Percussion/Vocals

Hank Terlaje, Senior Program Manager: Guitar/Vocals

Shawn Morgal, Senior Program Manager: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

Keith Colella, Director of Strategic Account Management: Electric/Acoustic Guitar/Banjo/Vocals

Gordon Johnson: Keyboards/Vocals

Danny “Steel”: Bass/Vocals


  • Marc Zoellner

    Chief Growth Officer

    Marc brings more than 30 years of experience supporting both the federal government and commercial clients providing management consulting and information technology solutions. He possesses an extensive understanding and experience in running operating groups as well as building value-added solution offerings to clients. In addition to his operations experience, Marc has provided business development leadership at organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Culmen International, VMD Systems Integrators, and ICF International where he developed strategies and tactics for penetration of new accounts and cross-selling to established accounts.