The Building People Summer Internship Program

The Building People kicked off the inaugural TBP Internship Program this May. While we have had summer interns previously, this year marked the kickoff of a structured program that will be repeated yearly. The program was developed as part of a commitment to supporting the growth and education of college students in various aspects of the professional work environment. This includes imparting knowledge about our mission, principles, services, and capabilities. We actively encourage students to venture beyond their comfort zones, engaging them in hands-on experiences involving real-world projects within the GovCon industry.

Through this program, our dedicated employees mentored and supervised five interns. This served as a platform for imparting comprehensive knowledge about The Building People and our identity, purpose, and unique contributions within the facilities industry. The interns were actively guided and exposed to various aspects of our organization, helping them gain practical insights and skillsets.  By launching and effectively executing the TBP Internship Program, we contributed to the interns’ professional development and fostered a culture of mentorship and knowledge-sharing within our organization.

The Building People’s internship program was designed to provide valuable experience that will prepare our interns for a successful career. They contribute to our mission through meaningful projects and structured mentor-protege relationships. The program aims to allow the interns to gain experience working in a professional environment and expose them to real-world business problems where they help support the development, fine-tuning, and delivery of solutions.

The internship program kicked off May 15th and will conclude the first week of August. The program is a paid position; interns work from Monday through Thursday, logging between 20 to 30 hours of work each week. The program will conclude with each intern completing a unique final project assigned to them by their manager consisting of a PowerPoint presentation that will be presented to the executive leadership team. The final projects aim to enable the interns to display what they’ve learned through the program while actively emulating the skills they will utilize to prepare for business presentations in their future careers.

Here’s more about this year’s TBP Internship Program team:

Abigail Poag is a Darla Moore School of Business, University of South Carolina student. She is double majoring in International Business and Marketing and double minoring in Environmental Studies and French. Abigail’s Predictive Index profile is a Promoter, whose work style is casual, uninhibited, and a persuasive extravert.

Kalvin Chhour currently attends James Madison University. He is majoring in Computer Information Systems and minoring in Business. Kalvin’s Predictive Index profile is an Altruist, whose work style is congenial and cooperative with an efficient, precise work ethic.

Carter Melton attends the University of Mississippi and is majoring in Criminal Justice. Carter’s Predictive Index profile is also a Promoter, whose work style is casual, uninhibited, and is a persuasive extravert.

Olivia Gettier is a University of Mississippi student. She currently majors in Exercise Science and minors in Recreational Therapy. Olivia’s Predictive Index profile is a Collaborator, whose work style is a friendly, understanding, willing, and patient team player.

Reece Bennett currently attends the University of Tennessee, majoring in Supply Chain Management. Reece’s Predictive Index profile is an Artisan, whose work style is accommodating and analytical while producing highly precise and accurate work.


  • Marc Zoellner

    Chief Growth Officer

    Marc brings more than 30 years of experience supporting both the federal government and commercial clients providing management consulting and information technology solutions. He possesses an extensive understanding and experience in running operating groups as well as building value-added solution offerings to clients. In addition to his operations experience, Marc has provided business development leadership at organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Culmen International, VMD Systems Integrators, and ICF International where he developed strategies and tactics for penetration of new accounts and cross-selling to established accounts.