What is an IWMS?

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IWMS stands for integrated workplace management system. An IWMS is software that helps organizations efficiently use their workplace resources. This includes management of their real estate, facilities maintenance, equipment maintenance, space planning, integrated services, and sustainability on a single integrated software platform.

In general, there are five core components in an IWMS: 

  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Facilities and Maintenance Management
  • Asset Management
  • Project Management
  • Sustainability and Energy Management

An IWMS allows organizations to manage these key components all in one easy to use software. This allows an organization to become much more efficient when managing their built environment. There are an immense number of benefits for organizations from using an IWMS including reducing facility costs, optimizing the use of spaces, and providing an elevated workplace experience for employees and customers.

Learn more about one of the leading IWMS software systems in the video below:


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