Archibus Building Operations & Maintenance

Track and evaluate corrective and preventative maintenance to improve continuously and enhance outcomes across the board.


  • Generate detailed work orders
  • Automate preventive maintenance
  • Prioritize and centralize work orders
  • Respond quickly and effectively
  • Evaluation and optimize
  • Anticipate budgetary needs

Efficiently managing maintenance tasks is vital to keeping your organization’s infrastructure and facilities running smoothly.

Stay on track with Archibus Corrective Work – a Web-based application that automates all the steps of the on demand maintenance process, from requests, to approvals, to scheduling and work order issuance, to completion and feedback.

Corrective Work’s self-service functionality helps lower operating costs by enforcing process control and keeping information current, accessible, and actionable.

This centralized repository enables improved forecasting and budgeting to optimize operational effectiveness.

Raise customer satisfaction levels by empowering requestors and communicating with them at every step of the process with Archibus Corrective Work.

Optimize operations with proactive tools for automating preventive maintenance. Track and evaluate everything to improve continuously and enhance outcomes across the board.

Ensuring that critical assets are in optimal condition requires effective maintenance processes to efficiently allocate resources, enforce procedures/schedules, and manage performance. Web-based Archibus Preventive Maintenance (PM) enables users to proactively maintain assets, efficiently balance schedules, optimize resources, and track key metrics. Simplify and improve PM processes with Archibus Preventive Maintenance to minimize costly repairs, reduce operational downtime, extend asset service lifecycles, and improve planning.