Archibus Capital Projects

Manage complex capital project schedules and budgets.


  • Track and manage multiple project phases
  • Leverage all relevant project data
  • Connect stakeholders through BIM models

Access to defensible capital budgeting information reduces the risk of undertaking expensive, time-consuming projects that ultimately fail due to inadequate resources.

The Archibus Capital Budgeting application provides a method for tracking the capital budget cycle from request and evaluation, through approval and funding.

With this information in a single, centralized location, users can execute master planning, expansion, modernization, and consolidation projects in an organized, cost-effective manner.

Ushering a successful project to its completion-whether it is a renovation, acquisition, construction, or move project-requires a well-organized repository of project data and workflow practices.

Archibus Projects gives project team members workflow access to a central storehouse of information that keeps all participants aligned with master planning goals.

This helps ensure that projects remain on-schedule and within budget, while providing valuable benchmarking data for future projects.

Building owners are often hindered by the lack of effective and efficient communication during the design, construction, and commissioning stages, resulting in unnecessary costs and operational inefficiencies.

The Archibus Commissioning application helps solve this problem by capturing and coordinating graphic and non-graphic data – including Building Information Modeling (BIM), as-builts, shop drawings, maintenance manuals, space, and equipment information – in one central repository.

The application makes all data elements searchable and accessible for viewing using a Web browser or a mobile device. And the application correlates all the information to confirm a facility and its systems meet the as-designed specifications.

Archibus Commissioning also helps lower the costs associated with claims and corrective actions, as well as optimize downstream building system performance.