IWMS Application Administration

While The Building People team strives for the most effective and transparent implementation when we set up an IWMS, there are changes which need to be made once it is in operation. Our team can partner with yours to cover some or all of your IWMS system administration needs, which may vary based on your staffing, their skill level or availability.

System administration might involve various types of user management; bringing new users into the system, resetting passwords, adjusting security group access to data, importing building and space data from AutoCAD or Revit, modifying the views and tasks utilized by each user role.

Your team might also need to exchange data with other applications, in which case we could build Connectors to facilitate and automate that transfer. There may also be times that established data connections experience errors, and our support team would determine the cause of any malfunction and facilitate a solution.

IWMS software utilizes workflow rules and user settings per application, and you may need to change those as you determine more efficient processes. You might also want to define performance metrics, scorecards or modify reports to display information, a task which our system administrators can perform.

Our goal is to ensure your systems are running efficiently, effectively and as transparently as possible.

We begin with our focus on the people and the processes already in place. Once we have collectively agreed on the process moving forward, we embark on applying the technology.

Our approach equips people to be smarter through smarter technologies and smarter buildings.

We ensure project leaders understand the change management, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and stakeholder engagement required to deliver the future of facilities today. Tenants must experience these innovations in a way that inspires them to transform how they interact with next-generation built environments. We encourage individuals to see their environment as a tool to support their work, the mission, and the impact they will have on generations to come.