Archibus Sustainability & Risk Management

Ensure that your organization is safe for people and good for the planet.


  • Ensure safety and wellness
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of risks
  • Promote sustainability
  • Reduce your ecological footprint
  • Understand the impact your organization has on the environment
  • Track key processes involved, from energy to waste

Property and facility professionals are responsible for providing safe, efficient, and productive work environments, yet they can face a bewildering array of codes and regulations with different schedules, costs, and implications for the organization.

Unlike spreadsheets or other non-integrated tools, Web-based Archibus Compliance provides a highly scalable solution to easily and efficiently negotiate the substantial data and recordkeeping involved with regulatory compliance programs and permitting processes.

This helps reduce administrative costs and prevents costly disruptions such as occupational injuries, property damage, and shutdowns that may result from inadequate compliance practices.

Archibus Compliance helps mitigate risk to protect an organization’s reputation and enhance stakeholder value.

An increasing number of organizations are recognizing the strategic value of reducing their carbon footprint to protect the environment and enhance their bottom line.

Web-based Archibus Sustainability Assessment helps make the concept of environmental sustainability a reality by tracking, ranking, and documenting details on the condition and use of physical assets so remedial action can be taken.

Unlike spreadsheets and other manual processes, the application provides a truly objective and systematic method of identifying and prioritizing facility replacements, upgrades, and renovations, based on environmental sustainability criteria while leveraging other Archibus facilities data from its central repository.

With increasing utility costs, mandates to reduce carbon emissions, and sustainability efforts gaining more visibility, effective energy management has become even more important for organizations.

Archibus Energy Management provides the means to easily aggregate, evaluate, and optimize energy and utility spending decisions to reduce unnecessary consumption and costs.

Unlike spreadsheets or finance software alone, Energy helps users correlate and manage extensive cost data with real-time facility and infrastructure portfolio information to track energy expenditures against a business plan or objective benchmarks.

Managers are increasingly being tasked with achieving carbon footprint goals and managing environmental sustainability certification scores for individual buildings or across their entire portfolio.

Archibus Green Building aids those managers by delivering a highly versatile and robust Web-based platform to provide the information framework for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and managing the environmental sustainability certification and recertification process.

The application helps guide users through the processes of defining environmental criteria and protocols, collecting portfolio data, and evaluating results to help make informed and cost-effective decisions to achieve sustainability goals.

Managing waste streams, particularly hazardous waste, is often fraught with risk and possible negative outcomes, if handled poorly.

Organizations need not only to cope with the often burdensome regulatory paperwork, but also to avoid the risk of errors, omissions, and accidents that can lead to injuries, penalties and/or potential litigation.

Web-based Archibus Waste provides a streamlined and integrated approach to tracking, managing, and reducing both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

It helps smoothly process the information flow, starting from the point of generation, through accumulation, storage, shipment or emission, and final disposition.

And it provides defensible information to assess the effectiveness of waste reduction and recycling programs that, in turn, help reduce carbon footprint and increase LEED™ or other sustainability scores.

Every year, natural and man-made disasters cause tremendous dislocation and financial loss to organizations.

Archibus Emergency Preparedness allows you to plan for potentially disastrous situations and effectively respond and quickly recover in the event of an actual disaster.

It helps provide rapid access to critical facility, infrastructure and occupant information to ensure life safety procedures are followed, property is protected, and disruption to normal operations is minimized.

Archibus Emergency Preparedness can serve as your primary tool for maintaining and providing accurate information to those who need it most in the event of a disaster.

Successful facility professionals need to actively monitor the potential of indoor environmental hazards, such as asbestos and radon to lead paint and mold.

Archibus Hazard Abatement helps these managers protect the health of building occupants, minimize organizational liability, and avoid costly fines or possible litigation.

Unlike spreadsheets or other non-integrated tools, Web-based Archibus Hazard Abatement provides a flexible and highly systematic process to help ensure all hazardous materials are quickly and accurately located, tracked, and abated using searches that connect directly to graphical views of space and equipment inventories.

In addition, Hazard Abatement’s ability to easily share and integrate hazardous materials data with other systems and processes greatly decreases the likelihood of errors/omissions, averts unnecessary shutdowns, and reduces the overall cost of regulatory compliance.

Managing a comprehensive, defensible health and safety program to protect both individuals from hazards and the overall organization from liability can be overwhelming.

The Archibus Health & Safety (H&S) application enables managers to quickly associate incidents with locations, equipment, and personnel and easily link employee training records and/or medical monitoring to these same incidents.

As part of a comprehensive Health & Safety management program, this application is a critical tool to help document evidence of compliance for internal standards or external regulatory requirements.

This documentation can greatly minimize both compliance costs, as well as monetary fines to the organization.

Organizations have a responsibility to safely handle toxic products, verify compliance with various regulations, and inform first responders where those hazardous materials are stored and what they may encounter during an emergency.

Yet maintaining this information in binders or file drawers can be expensive to manage, difficult to update, and a challenge to access – especially during a crisis.

The Web-based Archibus Safety Data Sheets (SDS) application provides instant updates and access to SDS information from anywhere, stores lists of chemical products used in workplaces, and catalogs their SDS.

It also integrates materials inventories, space and occupancy data, equipment inventories, and organizational information with site- and floor-plan graphics, providing the most complete information to execute a plan of action to avert a crisis.