Employee Introductions, April 17, 2018

TBP IG Services

At The Building People we take great pride in our employees and their contributions to our success. Please join us by welcoming, and getting to know, some of our recent additions who help make our company culture and workplace exceptional!

Martha Amador, Senior Management Analyst III

Martha Amador is a Program Monitor for the Water Power Technology Office for The Building People in Golden, CO. Her extensive experience working at the Department of Energy (DOE) has prepared her well for her current responsibilities that include preparing technical, budgetary, and environmental impact reviews of federally funded grants as well as general direction and oversight throughout the project life-cycles. Additionally, you can find Martha focusing her time to ensure that 100% of active Financial Assistance projects have met the acquisition and project management (APM) requirements while gathering client recognition for company compliance.

Stephanie Hodge, Senior Management Analyst III

Stephanie Hodge is a Senior Management Analyst with The Building People in Golden, CO. Prior to joining our team, Stephanie served the DOE for 8 years where she delivered the successful initiation of the Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program, supported the Solar Program, and the Wind and Water Technologies office. Currently, Stephanie works with several organizations at DOE and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), where she prepares various impact reviews of federal funded grants, and more. Additionally, works directly with recipients to support their projects by providing expert advice and ensures quality results in the deliverables.

Stephanie Byham, Senior Project Management Analyst

Stephanie Byham works as a Senior Project Management Analyst, with 15 years of experience in energy efficiency, capacity building, and client service. After providing the DOE  with analytical, management, and strategic planning for the Fuel Cell Technologies Office, her current responsibilities include support for multiple programs like the Market Transformation subprogram and the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in the Economy (IPHE). These exceptional contributions stem from her Bachelor’s degree in Energy, Environmental, and Mineral Economics from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master’s degree in Public Administration from The University of Washington.

Garry Watson, Senior Advisor

Gerry Watson serves as Senior Advisor to the DOE’s Geothermal Technologies Office (GTO) where he leads content strategy and development, with a particular focus on the impact and viability of geothermal technology innovation. Gary works closely with GTO leadership to build and launch content platforms targeted at various government/industry stakeholders. In addition to his career achievements, Garry holds a Bachelor’s degree in professional writing from the University of Michigan, a Graduate Certificate in Energy Innovation from Stanford University (in affiliate with the Andlinger Center at Princeton University). Prior to joining the DOE, Gerry served as communications director for ION Geophysical (NYSE: IO), a leading innovator in oil and gas exploration, where he guided investor relations and external communications across their global enterprise. Earlier in his career, he helped position several companies for investor funding and/or acquisition, including Transform Software (acquired by Drillinginfo), TerraSpark Geosciences (acquired by CGG Veritas), and iCommunicate (acquired by Microsoft).

Leticia Forrest, Executive Admin Assistant IV

Leticia Forrest brings The Building People more than 20 years of management experience in the public and private sectors. Most recently, she provided technical expertise and assistance to the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, first for CSRA and currently for The Building People. A California native and military brat, Leticia has lived around the world and throughout the United States. She has managed both retail and corporate businesses before bringing her expertise to Capitol Hill and the Federal government. Leticia received her Bachelor’s of Science in Family and Consumer Science from Alabama A&M University and her Master of Human Resource Management from Trinity Washington University.