The 4 Forces of Employee Disengagement

Employee Engagement. What does it mean? What should I be paying attention to as a leader? Am I able to measure it, and if so, what am I measuring? What is this elusive, magical quality?

Simply stated, employee engagement measures the discretionary effort employees are willing to put in. It is the key to productivity, retention, and other KPIs such as customer satisfaction, workplace injury/safety, and absenteeism. We assert that it has a tangible impact on your company’s ability to deliver on its strategic initiatives and the key results you’ve worked hard to define.

One of the easiest ways to think about employee engagement and its impact on your ability to deliver on your strategic initiatives is to think about four key areas:

1. Job Fit

Becoming proficient at hiring and specifically understanding whether or not someone is a good fit for the job or the company in the first place is the most prominent force of disengagement. Are you using science and data to give you an edge in matching the right people for every role in your company?

2. Poor Management

Do your managers have the right skills to manage and develop their employees and have they been given a platform to develop those skills? Yesterday’s news is the golden rule of treating others as you would have done to you. We are called as leaders to create our self-awareness and understand what our employees genuinely need in the workplace.

3. Culture

The Silicon Valley start-up approach of ping pong tables, kegs of beer, bean bag chairs, and bringing your dog to work daily is not a good fit for all companies. Are those things really what define your culture? Is your leadership team equipped to create and exemplify an inspiring corporate culture? Is there a disconnect between your company, its values, the culture, and your team members? How do we know?

4. Team Conflict

We are all wired differently, which means we have different motivating needs and behaviors that show up in the workplace as in life. Do you find your time spent as a referee or mitigating counselor disagreements among co-workers or direct reports? Are your teams well aligned to their specific goals or objectives, or is there a disconnect among team members through poor communication, the way people take action, or even the way they make decisions?

The Building People enables organizations to understand how their people impact business results and create work environments where everyone can do their best work. The next time you experience a drop in productivity or if you find that your company is failing to deliver on its objectives, consider that two or more of these areas might be the cause.

Learn more about how you can get access to a team of professionals that can enable you to defuse these forces of disengagement.


  • Mike Mosel

    Vice President of Organizational Development

    Mike is passionate about helping organizations align employees with work that is most energizing to them, building winning teams, and executing on the promise of their mission and brand. His expertise is particularly relevant in industries like construction, hospitality, manufacturing, general contracting, and facilities management or those businesses with growth opportunities specifically related to people. He brings nearly 20 years of hands-on CEO experience having owned, operated, and exited a number of businesses in those marketplaces. Mr. Mosel brings a strategic vision to The Building People leadership team that complements our company mission of transforming the built environment at the intersection of real estate, technology, and people. His area of expertise will support our internal and client-facing solutions around workplace transformation, talent optimization, and the power of science and data.